First Week after TFR

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Maintenance' started by Snappyjugs, 25 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Snappyjugs

    Snappyjugs Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, my first time posting in Maintainance forum, I was on TFR for 6 weeks and lost 2&half stone I got fed up on them sick a$$ shakes, ive decided to go to on maintainance as they taste nicer etc, basically ive been having one mean a day, Chicken, Carrots and Lettuce and a small bit of cheese!!! One god damn week and ive put on FIVE POUNDS im so annpyed how has this happened
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  3. and

    and Well-Known Member

    Did you follow the refeed guidelines?
  4. JennyLane

    JennyLane Well-Known Member

    Snappyjugs... it's ok. Don't see it as so bad. You are refilling your glycogen with protein and better carbs - it will be better in the long run!!! Stick with it. I am coming off soon - second shot - so I know wat to do differently and my big thing will be 2 lipotrims a day and one meal. It will work!

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