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First Week - Feeling Miffed!

Hi All, Ive only been doing extra easy on slimming world for 1 week so far and have stuck to the plan 100% (only having half of my syns for the week). First weigh in last night and feel a bit miffed as i only lost 2 pounds...i know a loss is still good but all the other new starters lost 6/7 pounds and i feel a bit cheated! Im now worried im doing something wrong....any ideas??! (Im only eating Free Foods - though quite a lot of carbs)

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Okay, firstly welcome along!!
Secondly, 2lbs is fab. Don't compare yourself to others ( I know it's hard), they may be heavier, they may have radically changed their eating habits.
Have you come from another diet? Sometime we keep habits from previous diets so don't make so many changes - eg these people may have gone from full fat to skimmed milk, used to have lots of butter and cheese and have cut these out etc.
There are a lot of reasons.
Are you having your A and B choice as you said you are only eating free foods? And why did you only have half of your syns? Don't deprive yourself!
Your consultant should have asked for your food diary and she will see if there's anything amiss, but I suspect not. 2lbs is good. Celebrate it and stick with it!
I was the same I lost 3 pounds my first week and the 2 girls I went with lost 7 and 9 I was gutted . I would stick to the plan anf they wouldnt and they would still get 4lbs off:mad: and i would get one :eek: but i the long run i have lost 2 1/2 stone .slow slog but its worth stickin in at it you will get there;)
Don't get disheartened. Your consultant will let you know if you have gone wrong in what you are doing. And don't worry about others - you do not know what they have done, they could have starved themselves all week! Plus, you could lose 6lbs next week and they could lose 2lbs. It is all about the long term and eating a healthy balanced diet.
Lily I know how you feel especially when you've been sticking to it 100%, but 2lb is a good loss. I lost 2lb my first week on SW the first time I did it, but as Jaylou say's I had come straight onto SW from another diet so had no fluid to lose. That's all they have lost mostly fluid. I always try to remind myself if I wasn't on a diet I would have gained that weight not lost it, so at least you are on the way down! :)


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2lbs is fab. One thing to bear in mind is people who lose a lot in their first wek are the types who have previously been eating a lot of unhealthy food. If you've been following a relatively healthy diet, with some unhealthy food, you may not have such a huge loss in your first week. Also by not eating more of your syns, you're techinically not following the plan 100%. Try uping you syns, and making sure that you have your A's and B's everyday. Good luck with your journey.


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Trust me! Increase to 15 syns! If you try and cut back then you will lose more slowly, it's just how this plan works. At the start, the more you eat (within reason of course) the more you lose. You just have to forget every diet you've ever done!
Thank you so much everyone! Great to hear about how others have got on....im having my healthy a's and b's though i feel like im eating similar food to what i ate before (cooking meals from scratch with loads of veg in) though just cutting out the choc and alcohol! (nightmare!) so maybe i wasnt eating to bad before hand....i'll stick with it and hope for a greater loss next week! Thanks again x
I am the fact you were already eating healthy is why you didn't have such a great loss in the first week. Others will be cutting out pizzas and burgers and lattes - so they will have a big initial drop!
Not sure how much you have to lose, but a steady 2lbs a week from just cutting out some chocolate and alcohol is still half a stone a month!


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Hey, if you were eating ok before hand then it's unlikely you'll shock your body in the first week, when most people lost a lot of stored water. Use 15syns! Trust me more is better when it comes to syns, if you start low then when you reach a plateauyou won't be able to cut down on syns and get the losses started again. :) Good luck with week 2! X
I'm in the same boat, only 2lbs each week, and did feel a bit miffed too. But like you, I've been eating healthier before I started and so that must be the reason. I guess we'll never have big losses like others. However, if we continue to loose just 2lb each week, that would be over 7 stone in a year!!!!
The last time I did SW I STS my first week!! But the second week I lost 5 Lbs. I guess everyone is different and we lose weight differently.


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I must admit that it disturbs me to hear people say 'only 2 lbs' or commiserating that you 'didn't have such a great weight loss'. Because 2lb is a huge amount - it's a bag of sugar for pete's sake - so go to the shop and pick up a bag and then give yourself a pat on the back for losing so much.

When you look at the recent thread about how much people lost their first week you'll see most people don't lose 6 or 7lbs. The people that do will likely have been retaining fluids and the big loss be down to water loss rather than fat loss.

And I've said it before but I'll say it again - it doesn't matter how much lose the first week, what matters is how much you've lost by the last. And trust me by then you won't give two hoots what you lost in week 1! I lost 3 lbs in week 1 and never having dieted before had no unrealistic expectations to influence how I felt about that, in fact I was over the moon. I went on to lose another 3lb in week 2, and again in weeks 3 and 4 .... and by the end of 11 months it was 103. You really have to take the long-term view rather than get emotionally hung up on what the scales say once a week.


its a long road
Chin up

:)read your book and write your diary phone your consultant if your stuck

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