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First weigh in, 8 1/2 hours to go!

Well, 9 days on SS and i have my first weigh in tonight with my Counseller.
I feel different and i actually now look different but i'm still rather nervous! I have removed the scales from my house but was at a friends yesterday and nearly got on theirs but managed to resist! Tonight can't come soon enough, or can it? Heeeeeeeelp!
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Hi Hun! First a MASSIVE well done on getting through the most difficult week - week 1! I am sure that if you have followed ss to the latter, tonight's going to be a good night for you! (weigh in!) Well done for resisting the scales. I on the other hand am terrible. At first I was ok, cos my scales went to 18 stone only (and I was way above that!) But now I'm in the 15's and I know my scales can give me a fairly accurate weigh in to my CDC - I jump on them most mornings. I don't think it's extremeley bad to weigh, but it can become obsessive. I find though, that on weeks where I find the diet difficult and want to nibble - jumping on the scales is an insentive to keep going! :) Let us know how you get on hun! Big Hugs x x x


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9 days, brilliant - let us know your loss, bet it's a pleasant suprise for you! not jumping on the scales, you did really well there - I weigh myself everytime I go in the bathroom at home :)


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Good luck! You will be over the moon at the results I am sure :)


size 8 skinnies ..yesss!
Oooh congrats huni, I have been on the diet exactly two weeks so in same sort of boat, good luck sweetheart let us all know how much you lose x
oh thank you all, i'm a bit jittery now and also worried that i may have consumed too much water today, i've been so thirsty! I hope it doesn't effect my loss?? Oh well 2 hrs 45mins to go, not that i'm counting! I hope my counsellor isn't late! :eek: I will post as soon as I am weighed, good or bad news! x

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