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First Weigh in after a bad week


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Well I went to my local WW meeting even though I was SO tempted not to go as I was convinced I hadnt lost any weight because, although getting off to a good start last week, on Friday I had to have my beloved dog Sam put to sleep and I am devasted!!:cry::cry::cry: from then on I have just binged. I really did not think I would dare go today to face the music, however I really do want to lose some weight and I wanted the new magazine and some breakfast bars so decided to go along and I have lost 2 1/2lbs which I am delighted with!!! Just wonder what I would have lost if I had stuck to the diet?? I never lost more than 2lbs on Slimming World and 2lb was very rare so I am def sticking to WW.

Its weird how we all deal with stress, I eat everything in sight.... last night I ate almost a whole packet of Jaffa Cakes, butterkist popcorn and a whole bottle of Rose wine:eek::eek:. Anyway back on the waggon now, so heres to a better week!
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Ohhhhhh u poor thing i would be devestated if I had to put my pooch to sleep so ure more then forgiven!! Just draw a line under it and start this week a fresh. Well done on you 2.5lbs loss!!! :) x
hi Jessie,

Really sorry to hear about Sam
it must have been very upsetting for you.

Well done on your weightloss! :D

Put tomorrow behind you and start afresh today.

Hopefully next week when you stand on those scales you will be beaming from ear to ear.


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S: 14st9lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 3st0lb(20.49%)
Thankyou Festivalfairy and Moonlady for your kind comments.

Sam was like my baby, he was such a character and I miss him so much! It was so unexpected, he decided to chew my kitchen rug (he has never done this before and the rug has been there for ages) he seemed fine and some of the carpet passed through but took him to the vet to get him checked out but he did not think there was a blockage, Sam stopped eating and was not himself so took him back a few days later, they operated straight away and found that the carpet had unthreaded like a wooly jumper would, and was tangled round his bowl, stomache and intestines, they could have attempted to remove it but it would have been a large op with no quarantees and would probably need further surgery so we made the decision to have him put to sleep.


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Hi Jessie,
Well done on the weight loss , sorry to hear about your wee dog sam , i also had to put my wee dog banjo to sleep on the 3rd dec he was 16 and was a wee lhasa apso , he was my wee baby , he was in heart failure and i had to put him to sleep the day after i came home after being away for a week on a work trip , he had been unwell all week but my hubby didnt want to tell me because i was so far away and couldnt do anything and he didnt want to take him himself or he knew i would never forgive him, anyway i was heartbroken to say the least so know how you feel but just want you to know you will feel better as time goes on and im sure sam had a great life with you.


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Oh Jessie. Exactly the same happened to my collie. It was a towel, and it wrapped around his intestines. When they opened him up they also found a dog's rubber ring! Mine did survive this, but was over a grand, and that was about 12 years ago! He was put down a couple of years later due to severe epilepsy. It's horrid isn't it. I was beside myself. It's the only time in my life, I got so drunk I threw up on the carpet. My every sympathies. And well done on the weight loss. SOmetimes a few extra cals kickstarts the metaoblism, I'm sure!!



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So sorry to hear about your dog - it's so horrid to lose a pet and in those circumstances it's no wonder you went off track.
But a big well done for going to class. It is so easy to avoid those scales when you know you've been 'naughty' and after the week I imagine you've had it was a brave thing to do.
I hope you have a better week and start to feel better soon.
Well done on the weight loss Hun.

I really feel for you, having to put your dog down. I know what you mean when they are part of the family. Poor you xx
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sorry to hear ur sad news poor wee doggie atleast he is at peace in doggy heaven. well done on ur loss this week :)


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S: 14st9lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 3st0lb(20.49%)
Just wanted to say many thanks for everyones support. I am missing him like crazy and the house seems soooo quiet but I am back on track with my diet and heres to a better week. Good luck with all your weightlosses too!

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