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first weigh in and how to use kitones sticks


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Well done on a fab loss hun. Soz I dont use those stick things, but I think it should be lightish pink in the am to show your in ketosis. Im sure some1 will be along with more info than me tho! x

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hey great loss :D well done!!

the tub has a colour guideline on the side for you to measure against, i believe you are meant to be in the lower pink colours. i tested as having traces this morning.


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not sure about the sticks but fair play on your weight loss


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Thats a great loss on the first week. Fair play to ya. Keep it going. Never used the sticks so can't help you there.

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on the road to slimdom
and is that good if you have traces of ketones in your urine ? i take it that means your body is in ketosis
i think the traces in mine means that im going into ketosis rather than in it.

bring it on i say :D


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Fab loss hun!!!
For the stixs.....if you are in the very dark range you are not drinking enough water (but your first wee in the morning would normally be a bit darker). You should be from the mid to pale colours and yes they mean you are in ketosis. No change in colour means you are NOT in ketosis......At least me thinks!!! Well done again!

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Well done on such a fab loss hun! Keep up the awesome work! Don't really know anything about the Ketostix as haven't used them yet but have some on order at my pharmacy :D


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Well done on your loss, great start.

As for the stix, you don't really need them if you are not cheating and losing weight but for best results test first thing in the morning as that is when the ketones will be most concentrated. If you are drinking plenty the water will dilute the ketones and if the stick is dark then, as Sara said, you need to up your water intake.

Good luck.



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well done on ur WI , great first week good job:party0011::party0011::party0011:


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well done with your loss, nevered bothered with sticks.

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if u just lost 10 pounds then u dont need to test - i think it is working!

I think the only time u should test is if u dont have a good result - u might want to check then to see if u have maybe knocked urself out?

am i right... if you are in ketosis quite a bit then the stick will be purple or even dark purple :O

Geena Gee

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Well done on your weight loss laughinglaves!! Great work!!

As for the stix, I have never used them....... I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one!!

Didn't your CDC go over it with you?? I thought they would have done.
Ketostix say you have to put the stick in a cup (how inconvenient) and wait EXACTLY 15 seconds. I held it under my pee flow and read my result after approx 15 seconds. Is that ok? Why the big emphasis on putting the stick in a pot? Pregnancy and ovulation tests can be done under flow so I thought....

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