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First Weigh In = disappointing result?

I'm a newbie too, so I might be wrong, but it sounds like you haven't been eating enough, I haven't been hungry at all all week, have eaten loads! my first weigh in was last night and I was a bit disappointed with 2.5lbs...until I weighed out the same weight in potatoes and was surpised at how much it was!


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You haven't been having enough.. a girl at our meeting joined the same time as me. We compared food diary's at the first weigh in. She had hardly eaten anything, whereas my food diary was full, I'd not stopped eating all week. She lost 2lb and I lost 7lb. The second week, she ate a lot more and lost 4lb that week, I lost 3.5lb.
I guess it's true with slimming world that the more you eat the more you lose. You shouldn't be going hungry.. that means you're not doing it right xx


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Why have you been going hungry? There's no point, SW isn't about starving yourself it's about teaching you how to follow a well balanced healthy diet.

1lb a week is 52lbs a year! Which is a big weight loss! I've never lost big numbers. For me a good loss is 'only' a pound. Which many people will also agree with me.

Healthy weight loss is 1 - 2lb a week on average.

Off topic but I'm trying to see your photo album but it's saying album invalid xx
i have been following the plan to the point where I have felt hungry and empty alot of the time!

errr... this isn't meant to sound harsh, but if you are feeling hungry and empty you are not following the plan!

I think that (especially the serial dieters) think "I'm on a diet, must eat "diet" food and as little as possible" and it doesn't work.

The idea on SW is to get you used to eating a healthy balanced diet, and not feeling like you are starving as that will only backfire in the long run because you will feel deprived or just so flippin fed up of being hungry you go completely off the rails.

It can feel "dangerous" to be told you can eat all this free food, and you just fight with it and eat as little as possible, but even if you eat loads, calorie wise it really isn't that bad (or people wouldn't be losing) but we think we can't POSSIBLY lose weight and eat all that!

Try to eat as much as you feel you need to within the plan, and you will probably feel much happier and you will also find that the weight will shift.

Good luck :)


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