First weigh in - feeling fantastic!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by MrsWobble, 14 March 2007 Social URL.

  1. MrsWobble

    MrsWobble Full Member

    Well I feel on top of the world! I've had my first weigh in and I've lost a whopping 11 pounds!!:D

    I can't quite believe it - 11 pounds in a week! It's no wonder I've lost my motivation with other diets when the loss is slow but losing like this is such a motivation to keep going. I know it's not as much as other people have lost, but I'm still really pleased.

    I'd be lying if I said I was finding it easy, but it is getting easier and nothing worth doing is really easy is it? I have no will power normally so I'm quite surprised, and proud of myself, that I've not cheated. I have thought about it a couple of times but I'm feeling so strong and determined - I just don't want to eat as much as I want to lose the weight.
    It's not in my nature to be tooting my own horn but I'm having a huge 'Yeah Me!' this morning! :king:
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  3. Nuts

    Nuts Of course I can!

    Cambridge (well trying)

    You toot away - its a great feeling isn't it!

    Pop along and say Hi to Sugs and I on either of our threads too, we are in week 3.

    TOOT TOOT Well done!

  4. Petal01

    Petal01 Still Climbing That Hill!

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    11lbs WOW how fantastic :D:D
  5. wednesday13slimmy

    wednesday13slimmy Member

    cambridge diet
    thats really amazing well done!
  6. Ajax

    Ajax Finally...Life begins

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    11 pound loss is absolutely fab, well done you. Its even better when you actually hold 11 pound in weight to see how much it feels like. Try it!
  7. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member

    Very well done. You're feeling great - and you deserve to feel great.

    This is what keeps us all going!
  8. LENNY4974

    LENNY4974 Silver Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    Fantastic result for your first week WI - congratulations.:D

    Blow your own trumpet as loud as you want, you deserve it:D :D

    Keep up the good work and all the best for the coming week
  9. blitz

    blitz Silver Member

    slimming world
    Wel done for surviving week 1. what a fantastic reward for sticking to it. Its all the incentive you need to keep going. Youre right its not a easy diet but as the weeks go on it does get easier, especially when you can really see the results and the clothes get too big.
  10. lancslass

    lancslass Full Member

    Well Done 11lbs is absolutly fantastic,such a motivation for next week :)
  11. juju_doll

    juju_doll juju_doll

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    Weight loss surgery/ 5:2
    What a wonderful first week! You must be chuffed to bits. This is such a good time to start this diet, spring is springing, and the prospect of a thin summer is on its way. Hoorah to you!

    Julia x
  12. MrsWobble

    MrsWobble Full Member

    Thanks everyone for your support and good wishes!

    This is such a supportive group - it helps so much to know when you are struggling you can come on and someone will help you out, or when you are celebrating there are people to pat you on the back and make you feel even prouder.

    It's my birthday on Friday and everyone keeps asking me what we are doing for it - usually it would be out for dinner or a fancy meal at home. I'm doing NOTHING this year! I've decided I'm going to spend the whole evening pampering myself instead. I bought new skin products so I'm going to have a long soak in the tub, a mini facial, manicure and pedicure. I thought I would celebrate me rather than celebrating the day with the usual food and wine celebration. My hubby has bought me a Gazelle exercise machine thingy for my birthday so hope it'll be here soon so I can tone as I slim!

    Thanks again everyone - your support is fantastic!
  13. Karen

    Karen Serial Foodie!

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    self pampering is a brilliant way to celebrate. u have certainly earned the right to treat urself AND to toot ur horn from the rooftops :D

    well done

  14. voodoo

    voodoo LOVING MY WATER

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    Celebrity Slim
    Ellie, GREAT on hubby buying you a gazelle, my friend has one & loves it, she's also lost over 7stone on W/W, though we both think most of the loss is down to her Gazelle! She says it's still fun 6 months down the road AND she watches tv or listens to music whilst she 'rides' it, hers folds away too, I hope yours does, it saves space but is thee 'lloking at you' to remind you to pop on. Good luck & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!xxxxx
    11lbs WOW I lost 8lbs in my first week I'm so jealous, lol! I hope your motivation carries on, when you need to lose a lot of weight, like me, it's hard looking at a year or 18 months to get to goal. CD is so much faster & I actually ENJOY the soups & shakes, even though 5 minutes later I'm hungry for more, lol!xxxxx
  15. MrsWobble

    MrsWobble Full Member

    Oh I'm pleased to hear good reviews about the Gazelle. I am terrible for buying big pieces of kit that take up space then end up in the garage! This folds flat but I'm putting it up in the bedroom and have promsed myself that I'll do at least 20 mins every day. I'm paranoid about getting slack skin so though this would let me tone up too.

    I also like my soups and shakes - not all of them admittedly but I would be quite happy if all I had was vegetable soup and chocolate mint shakes - I LOVE them!

    Well done with your losses - are you seeing a big difference? My fear with having a lot to lose is that it'll take ages before I see a visible difference
  16. MrsWobble

    MrsWobble Full Member

    I did - and it was heavy!! My entire makeup box and hair products box weighed 11 pounds (i know, I have a lot of products!) It's incredible to think that that was what i was carrying around this time last week.

    When you think about it, my goal weight is just under half the weight I am just now so I'm basically carrying a person on my back the whole time - that's scary!! More motivation as that person gets smaller!
  17. kirsty2012

    kirsty2012 is gonna shine in 2009

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    Welldone!!! I lost 10lbs had my weigh in this morning. This is the first summer i'm actually looking forward to.
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  19. Paisley

    Paisley Wondering to gain wisdom

    None! Never again!
    Well done! :D

    It's such an amazing feeling isn't it!!

    Here's to many more pounds lost :scale:
  20. MrsWobble

    MrsWobble Full Member

    Thanks girls! I know what you mean about the summer Kirsty - I can't wait to feel comfortable in strappy dresses and summer clothes instead of dragging my weight around being roasting hot and self conscious,

    Yeah to us! :grouphugg:
  21. Wollop!

    Wollop! Member

    Cambridge diet
    :wow: :scale: Well done Mrs!

    A Great weight loss, and a great feeling isn't it!?!

    Keep up the good work!

    Bring on the summer, we'll all be swaning around in our yellow polka dot bikini's instead of sweating our butts off in our baggy cover every lump clothes, won't we girls!?! :D :cool: :giggle:
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