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First weigh-in - gutted


I WILL be thin!!
Not sure what the Cambridge Diet is but if you are eating more now than you were then then it might take a while for your metabolism to get in line with it. Don't give up hope. Keep going. Maybe try the red and green plan for a week with the main focus on red days. A lot of people say red works well for them.


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I too switched from CD and have not lost a great deal. STS for 2 weeks then think I had a 2lb loss this week. Need to get proper scales as mine are old and difficult to read, but I do feel as though I am losing now. Stick with it. I keep thinking that perhaps I ought to have more red days, but I do like the EE plan.


I WILL be thin!!
Hubby joined with me and we have both been doing the EE as advised - he lost 2 and 1/2lbs!


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Did your hubby do CD as well, Sharon?
I think that when you change diets it can take a little while for your body to get used to it. I was doing Rosemary Conley for a while but left because I was fed up of having to weigh and calorie count everything. It took a little while for my body to adjust so maybe this will be the case for you. Good luck for your next weigh in xxx


I WILL be thin!!
No, libra, hubby never did CD. He admitted he would never wouldve survived that...lol
As the others have said it'll probably take your body a week or two to get used to the new plan but it will.:) Men tend to lose faster than women, just one of those things I'm afraid so try not to compare your losses to his or you'll feel like you're playing catch up the whole time. A bit of competition is good but not against a man when you're losing weight together!
I'm feeling peeved with my losses as well as although I still had my Indian takeaway I chose good options compared to what I'd normally have had and I've also not eaten any Dairy Milk for two weeks:mad: I'd normally have a bar a night:eek:
Don't be too disheartened by your small weight loss...At my first WI I only lost a pound, and at my second (this week) I lost 4lbs and was slimmer of the week! As other people have commented, I think it just takes a bit of time for your body to catch up.

Good luck for your next WI,


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