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First weigh in on Atkins after CD

just back from boots in warrington, where i weighed in after being on atkins for a week. Lost 1lb, which i'm pleased with. I did expect to possibly gain a pound or two after going from one extreme of 4 shakes a day and nothing else, to eating good plentiful food with a higher fat content, so i'm well chuffed i still registered a loss.

joined the gym up the road yesterday, and i'm walking a lot, so hopefully now, it's onwards and upwards! :)
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yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - 1lb is a loss afterall :)
Well done Mick!! Considering that you had been on the cd shakes and now returned to food!! Those shakes are pretty drastic. When I returned to food after lighterlife I found it quite frightening. Don't forget to keep your water intake up! Roll on next weeks weigh in!!
Tracy xx
thanks everyone, like you say, a loss is a loss, no matter how large or small, and the beauty of this diet is that you can tweak it if need be, ie smaller portions, if you feel it needs it, whereas on a shake only diet, you're pretty much stuck with what you've got.
i don't regret moving over, as id much rather be eating than not, and i know enough now to tailor it to my own needs - your body is great like that, telling you when it's had enough, or maybe needs more on certain days.
the only difference now that i'm eating, water intake has dropped from 6 to 4 litres a day, but again, that's something i can rectify.
Well done Mick, it must be so much nicer for you to be able to eat real food after those shakes! Wish I could drink that much water, I think I'd drown lol!
Lol Bessie, it does sound a lot i spose, but i've never had a problem swigging water, which is just as well!
How're you getting on, by the way, i haven't been on the last couple of days to ask
Things going well, thanks Mick. I'm on day five now. Not in ketosis yet but have had a mild headache for the past 36 hours so wondering if that could be a sign. Losing weight though, so something is working!

I'm finding it interesting from checking food labels how much cr*p is added to food - all the glucose syrup, maltose, dextrose, nitrates... eurrgh! And I'm sooooo pleased to have gone nearly five days w/out chocolate and bread. Yay!

Hope you're having a good weekend.
Well done Mick, and actually mate it's "Onwards and DOWNWARDS"

Jim, you're right lol, downwards it is, i was getting my cliches crossed in this case!
Nice one Mick!
Bessie, i know exactly what you mean - i read the labels for the breakdown of what's in stuff, and it's a real shocker when you see things you wouldn't have thought twice about scoffing before, and now you wouldn't touch with a bargepole!

sounds like you're doing well & enjoying it, which is crucial to anything like this. I'm only borderline ketosis at present, but i don't worry too much about that, cos i've still had to poke 2 new holes in my belt, so i'm on the right track! have a good day.
thanks anna, couldn't do half as well without the support and advice of everyone on here tho
laura, you're spot on, and even if the weight doesn't always seem to be shifting as quick as i'd like, i could still be losing inches from waist etc, so i'm not disheartened at all
Hiya Mick - glad things are going ok. I'm just in Ketosis and am soooo happy to have stuck to the plan for 8 days. As Jim says, onwards and downwards!!!
i saw your other thread Bessie, that's a fantastic start for you, i'm well chuffed, you're doing great. is it more than you hoped for or expected, or could you tell by the way you felt that it might be a big loss?
i'm weighing in on saturday morning, hoping my body has adjusted from cd, as it'll be 2 wks i've been doing this now, but i'm patient, i haven't exceed carb limits (sometimes struggle to hit 20g per day) and i'm swimming and gymming too, so i hope i've done ok this week.
I guess i could be eating something that's halting progress, but don't have a clue what it is, if that's the case!

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