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First weigh in tomorrow

Hello all!!
Well I have my first weigh in tomorrow so I am a bit nervous.... I have been monitoring my weight - first thing in the morning and the scales are saying that I have lost 6lb in week one. But when I weigh myself again at 7:30 in the evening the scales show that I have lost NOTHING.. I am worried as my weigh in is in the evening and I dont want the scales to show a crap weight loss :sigh: . Can my scales be incorrect?? i know that your weight flactuates during the day - but I am surprised that it can vary by that much... Its also TOTM so maybe that has something to do with it?? please help!!
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Hi hun

Try not to weigh yourself at home(easier said than done lol). Wait till your cdc weighs you and you will be pleasantly surprised. Home scales tend to play games on us.

Good luck

Ah thanks... I will try. Thanks Thembie. How are you doing?
Thanks Susan. I am nervous - but I can feel that I have lost some inchs all over.. Your guys motivation is what has kept me going... THANKS!!!
Hi Wannabeskinny - Thanks - You have done amazingly!!! Good for you!!


not so str8 or narrow!!
good luck for your 1st wi pretika - you started cd on my birthday so you will defo do well lol!
Ahh well thats it then...I am sure that I have done well thanks MunchMarie!!! You have done sooo well. congrats!!
I'm sure you'll do fine. My scales vary by up to 5lbs in the day- it's all the water we drink lol
As others have said, try and ignore the scales and only go by your CDC's at official weigh ins :)
Well done for getting through week 1 and good luck for weigh in. Your scales may be sooooooooo different to your cdc's so I wouldn't worry about what they say and go by your cdc's :)
Thanks all. Fingers crossed.
OK Today is the big day... No matter what the scales say I know that I have lost inches all over!! I love this diet and you guys are so full of support!! Have a great day all!!
Good luck for later, as the others say, your scales will be so different to the CDC's... if you want to compare weigh yourself after you've been weighed with same clothes etc and see what the difference is?

Fingers crossed you'll get something off anyway, even with totm hun.

Thanks Hanloje.....you guys will be the first to know... I am quite excited about it now!!


Trying to stay healthy!
hey pretika, good luck for your weigh in!! got my 3rd tonight and i can't wait either, never felt like this when i did SW/WW!!!

yeah it is a good feelinng - My clothes already feel soo much looser.. so I know I have done well. heres hoping the scales say the same thing... Good luck for your weigh in Tonight... dont forget to let us know how you do...

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