First weigh in.....very confused???


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Well guys as some of you know I went for myfirst weigh in 2 days early due to snow...I didn't want to get stuck without any shakes.
The first time I weighed myself I did it at boots nr work as I was using up old shakes so never went to the chemist. Today I went for my first chemist weigh in and he says I weigh 100.05kg which I've worked out to be 15.7lbs??? At boots I weighed in at 16.11lbs! Now I know they may differ but surely not that much? I can't have lost that much right???? I'm confused as I don't know how much to say in my jan challage lol. I'm wondering if I've lost 4lbs and the scales are 1 stone difference. I'm not in work till Tuesday so can't check with the boots scales till then lol
Don't know what to think lol xxx
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S: 18st11lb G: 10st0lb
Forgot to add, the man gave me a box of keto stix for free to use too. Just done it and it's the darkest colour.... Is that good???


Lovin it !!! :)
Sounds like maybe you need to drink more - my CDC say that dark sometimes means a bit dehydrated


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oh wow honestly i guess the only thing is that maybe the stone part was read wrong? and that you are down four pounds which is great btw for an early weigh in!

but then again you could have lost that weight because only today i was reading a post about somebody losing 17lbs in their first week. so either way great job on your loss!!


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I would take it as that loss and stick to using the chemists scales from now on!!!

Well done Vicky!!!


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Keto stix you get from chemist to tell you if you are in ketosis. You have to pee on them and they are a good incentive to get through 1st week, hth


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I'd stick to the weight that the chemist's scales tell you else you could find yourself getting very disheartened if other scales tell you something very different. I know we all do weigh on scales at home sometimes its a good motivator but other times it can be so disheartening. Stick with one set and you will be fine :D


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S: 18st11lb G: 10st0lb
Thanks guys,i only used the boots ones as id not weighed myself in 4 months so i needed an idea.Will weigh myself on tuesday 1 last time on the boots ones then ill get a real reading just for this week as then it will be 7days since i last did it.But will def only stick to the chemist ones,i dont have any at home so ill not be stepping on everyday lol.

Does anyone have anymore info on ketostix and what colour is best?



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hey not sure really which colour is best but at the moment mine matches between the third last colour and the second last colour...and im on day 8 x


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The Ketosis sticks ( chemist told me ) in morning will be realy dark as you have been asleep for so many hours , as the day goes on the colour should get lighter the more you drink :)