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first weigh in

Thats great :) i hope i lose a good amount this week, its my first week so roll on monday to see if its working.
I lost 4 pounds and i'm really happy with that as went off the rails at the weekend as visited family that i'd not seen in a while and we ended up havin a mixture of mcdonalds, kebab, chippy and lots of alcohol :( i know its bad but least it shows that you can have glitches and still lose weight. Mine was more than a little glitch but is was a one off so i made the most of it :) I cant wait until next monday to see if i lose any weight by sticking to my diet x
S: 11st11lb C: 11st11lb G: 9st3lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
My first weigh in tonight!!
Bit nervous as i so want a loss for the first week.

I started off on Thursday and Friday really well, however i found i was 'saving' my points for evenings then would eat lots of low point treats i.e 2pt almond slices, 2pt velvet crunch crisps as apposed to good nutritional meals!

Saturday kicked in and i skipped lunched as was having food out at taybarns at 4.30pm so classed this as lunch and dinner all in one.... i had a burger (without bun) about 6/7 chips with ketchup, a huge grilled sausage and 2 slices of pizza - my 'healthy' part... 2 corn on the cobs, some mushrooms and onions :rolleyes: ...Ooopsie!! Im not finished there though!! After dinner i rocked up at the desert counter (i have a huge sweet tooth!!) and took a slice of chocolate and lime cheesecake, 3 profiteroles with chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles from the ice cream part... then for some reason i took a bakewell tart from the shelf, wrapped it in a napkin and stuck it in my bag for afters :eek::eek: !!!!!
I later shared it with my partner and dog haha :eek::(:eek: !!

Sunday i have a few more treats at mums - saveloy and pease pudding in a bun for lunch, mince pie and veg for dinner.

Monday i vowed to kick ass and have been super strict, kept well within my points, no more treats or binges, carried on with this on Tuesday and today. I hope the weekend binge hasnt cancelled out the rest of my hard work!!

Weigh in at 7pm... will keep you posted!!
C: 14st6lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 25.9
Started diet last Monday, I've felt I've been able to stick to it rigidly - although its only my first week I've only lasted 4 days or so with others. I'm mainly doing the simply filling as it suits me to stick to a smaller range of food. I've felt quite full so hope my portions arent too big. Here's hoping for first weigh in Mon morning. Well done to everyone - sounds like you are doing very well which is very motivational for others

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