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First weigh-in!!!!


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I love it when people are rewarded for their hard work. WELL DONE HUN!!!!!!!!!!

1st stone.........GONE!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much :) This is just what I needed to keep me going!

Will not forget to update my ticker once I find out how to! lol
Bloody hell thats a bit good innit:eek::D well done!
It bloody well is!! lol I've got a stupid smile on my face. Ok I'm gna go now before I annoy everyone! Will post soon...



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Well done, fantastic start on your journey, you deserve to be shoulting from th roof tops, dont think your annoying anyone! CONGRATS again!


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Lol wow sandy that is fantastic. Keep up the good work xxx
That Is Fantastic!!!! You Have Every Right To Shout From The Rooftops!! I Am So Pleased For You!! You Have Put In The Hardwork So You Enjoy It!! Can I Ask You Did U Do Any Excercise In Your Week, Some Sites Say Do Not Excercise In The First Week As It To Much For The Body To Get Use At One Time What With Not Eating Aswell. Will Wait For Any Reply As I Am Eager To Start Excercisng Might Have A Weight Loss Like Yours Then!! That's Me Wishing!! Lol,well Done!!! Xx
W.o.w.........................good Going Sandykh!!! Whats Ur Secret???
Hi everyone!! You're all so kind thank you. :) My pharmacist was so shocked! lol

My secret is water!! I've been drinking 4-5.5 litres. On the second day I had 6 and I went to the loo 3 times in half an hour once! lol

Saying that I've had a sore throat during Tuesday/Wednesday so drinking water was a mission and I must have drank roughly 3 litres over both days. But I'm sure it's water intake.

I did no exercise either because as you said bigmama exercise isn't recommended as I've read somewhere aswell. But I may start on Monday or maybe even stomach exercises tomorrow. I hope that helps. :)

Trust me you are all doing so well too, I'm so proud of all of us this is such a great feeling.

Love Sandy xxxxx

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