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first weigh in!!

well i started cd last mon and i did so well up 2 fri and i just felt so p888ed off that i decided that i needed food:mad: and ate pizza fri sat i had wine sunday i had a roast and a wispa and i felt so unhappy with my self that i had done so well up to fridayand then given up as i had actually decided not to carry on with this diet but on sat my husband said my face looked alittle slimmer and i actually felt i had lost a little so decided i would start afresh again as i was due to get weighed for the first time yesterday and i was dreading going to get weighed and tell her that i caved in and ate food:cry:
but to my suprise i still lost 5lb i couldnt believe it im so happy (not that i had pigged out) but that i did lose some thing but like she pointed out if i had never eaten i would have lost a lot more.
well its day 2 for me again and im feeling possitive. tina x
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put a line under what happened this week, and 5lbs is a wicked weight loss so well done you, you should be proud, think positive this works, and sometimes getting over the "food" hurdle is difficult, try to distract yourself, or get a pint of water good luck with next week x
Thats fantastic hun. It must be normal to have a little blip in the 1st week so dont worry about it...its in the past now!! Imagine if you have a 100% week!! Keep us posted....esp when you think your about to slip up!!
Good luck hun
that happens to alot of people hun, me included, I have sometimes really pushed myself and done so well and then something so small triggers it off and i just want to eat something naughty, and you feel dreadful afterwards. Everything in moderation i guess, its worse to deprive yourself completely, so thats why i allow myself a treat day on a sunday, if i have lost weight, i have a roast dinner and a small pudding as my treat. At least you still did really well, well done you,keep going! ;-)


Trying to stay healthy!
hi jwtbslim, well done for starting again, just seeing the great losses should keep you focused!!
Good luck for a great week!!
well done. i was hungry yesterday and had a fishfinger and some small nibbly moments but drank a lot of water and woke up today a pound lighter. just keep doing it and you will lose again!

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