First weigh in


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well done on your loss 7lbs in one week or half a stone thats fantastic, you might not lose as much next week as the first week is mainly water and glycegen but you will then be eating at your fat store , most people average about a stone a month but you could be one of the lucky ones who loses more well done on completing the first week xx


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Well done.. we started at same time then? Even if it does get slow its still progress..


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Well done sweetie, Keep it up you are doing great! :D


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well done thats a great loss!!!! yes it will slow down from next week or maybe not i think it depends on the person really!... but you have done really well, keep it up xxx

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Brilliant weight loss. Theres no reason you wont make your target, just keep going. To be honest you will probably be quite happy to be somewhere near your target anyway.XX


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fab weight loss - onwards and upwards


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well done! Thats great going! Heres to another great week :)


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Well done thats brillant, now go and smash another week, take care