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first weigh -in


'this time i'll do it!'
thanks everyone for the replies, iv had a great night and feel really motivated now, the help of this forum is great and i think that is really helping me.
thanks again


'this time i'll do it!'
just been back for another weigh in(dont know why the nurse keeps making me go back) and iv lost another 1pound,
i think i seem to lose track because i have to convert kgs into lbs,but its coming off so im not bothered!
9 pounds off in 3 weeks is good for me!
Well done x


'this time i'll do it!'
3rd weigh in, iv been using xenical for 6 weeks and after weigh in today iv lost a total of 14lbs. the nurse was a bit nowty with me about only losing 5lbs in 3 weeks,:sigh:and when i said i was going to the gym and what i was doing there,she started to go on about paying for a personal trainer and not to do strength work.:(
im sorry but i told her that im enjoying doing what i do and its 100% more than before.:mad:
encouragment would have been nice!!lol

sorry to rant,but iv been a bit miffed since seeing her,maybe im a bit sensitive about my diet, i think im doing good!!:D
that wasnt very supportive and im sure i would feel the same way as you but dont let it dampen the fact that you have lost all that weight - be happy about that and dont be disheartened by her silly comments, what your doing is obviously working so stick at it!
well done again!!

:D x
:0clapper: Welldone Shaz on your loss so far, in my opinion, its great!! ;)

Keep doing what you are doing at the gym and it will pay off :character00115::character00116: Or tell the nurse if she is happy to pay for your personal trainer you'll happily give it a go!! :p But you are right though, if you are enjoying what you are doing at the gym then stick with it as if you enjoy it you will stick to it longer! ;)

Keep up the good work :happy036:
Just keep going mate, you are doing really well. My doctor is always pleased as long as I have lost. You only know when you are working you t*ts off and if you are losing then good girl!

Just step it up and prove her you can lose more this time!
**hugs** I`d tell her to shove her opinions where the sun don`t shine ;) :p

I think you`re doing great :) I only lost 4lbs in a month and my Dr said it was good :confused: So stuff the nurse ;)

Well done on your weight loss. There is just no pleasing some people is there! She's probably just jealous!

Keep up the good work x


'this time i'll do it!'
thanks for the replies, it just knocks you a bit when someone is a bit tactless, i was content with my diet and exercise until today.
but iv chosen to ignore her,carry on with my routine and not see that particular nurse again!!
thanks again, this forum is great for boosting moral...... xx

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