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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by MissChunkymonkey, 10 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. MissChunkymonkey

    MissChunkymonkey Full Member

    Hey guys, havent been around much as i felt rubbish what with having cheated a few days ago.

    Any who, had first weigh in, lost two pounds, hey ho its still a loss atleast, hopefully ill lose more by monday (have to get weighed again then due to working on wed)

    Heres hoping!
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  3. blondie80

    blondie80 Full Member

    Well done on the loss. If you stick to it this week you will get a much bigger loss at your next weigh in . So stick to it and dont give up:)

    Ive my weigh in tomorrow. Excited and nervous about it.
  4. Theresa6

    Theresa6 Silver Member

    Like you say, its a loss!!! Well done. At least you know what the road ahead is like and now know what you need to do to stay on it....

    Keep it up and next weeks weigh in will spur you on!
  5. Aoife

    Aoife Silver Member

    Loss is Loss, just think of your next WI and how amazing it will be when you haven't cheated.
    Well done on 2lbs off.
  6. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    At least you didn't put anything on! Stick with it 100% and I bet next week's loss will be a beauty!
  7. MissChunkymonkey

    MissChunkymonkey Full Member

    Thanks guys ^^. Im hoping next weeks loss will be a biggie!
  8. Wobbley Woo

    Wobbley Woo Life Is A Constant Diet.

    Well done it was still a loss, and this next time if you stick with it 100% your loss will be great :)
  9. lexyell

    lexyell Full Member

    Good luck with week 2 it does get better:)
  10. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Gold Member

    good luck for next weigh in, still a good loss to say you cheat

    onwards and up tho as they say
  11. etheral

    etheral Full Member

    you still managed a loss even with a cheat. maybe you just needed to get your head round the diet and now you are ready to do it 100%. also dont skip the forum because when you are feeling low thats EXACTLY when you should be here for support and encouragement. I am sure I will mess up in the next few weeks but I am also sure that it wont be anything that hasnt been done by someone else before! so keep going and give us a pleasant surprise next week x

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