First Weight In...


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...this morning. Lost 12lbs!

Can not believe how fab this diet is!

Have got a bottle of coke zero for my treat later ;)
Congratulations on a fantastic week 1 :D

You're well on your way to a whole new YOU!! Good luck with the week ahead :)
Yipppee - you are a star! Well done, the only way is down!
Thanks guys!

Am so unbelievalby (sp) chuffed.

The first 5 or so days were bloomin hard, but I feel fine now. Sat and had lunch with hubbie yesterday - he had a wrap, and I had a black coffee and two pints of water - and I didn't really mind.

Repeating Icemoose's manta - nothing tastes as good as being slim will feel.
ah well done wobbly- that's fantastic, can't wait for my own first weigh in either tomorrow or Tuesday- am a bit confused... anyway, hope I do as well as you!!!
WOW !! what a great start - well done :D
WOO HOO !!! go Wobbles....:D
Thanks everyone!

Coke zero is allowed - actually never had it the other day, am having it right now instead. Although seemingly for some it may affect ketosis, so will just have this and then back to water, just in case, and will test later. It's the citric acid that you get in most drinks that you can't have. Also I think for some it might start up food cravings.
wow thats great congratulations!

I was just told today that I'd be able to have diet coke occasionally, I thought it was strange but not complaining lol. I'll still go with the water mostly though I think
that's great well done, keep going. hope you enjoyed your coke zero, not tried it yet and didn't realise it was ok to have on CD?? I'm still on the water!!