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flap jacks

hi has anyone had a peanut flap jack if so what are they like i am thinking of trying one i only like the strawberry shake ,the soup made me nearly throw up and i have never liked chocalte shakes although i did give it a try but as thought i didnt like it i will have vanilla if there stock is low but just want to hear peoples thoughts on the flapjack thankyou
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dont know about flap jack but the vanilla is truly dreadful , ugh. i am going to try it hot with a spoon full of coffee added, wizzed up in blender, if that fails ,thats me and vanilla over.


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Hi - i havent tried the peanut flapjack but have tried the coconut one and can honestly say its the most disgusting thing i have ever tasted YUK.. the vanilla with coffee is quite nice - this is what i started on as i didn't like the chocolate and strawberry ones - but try the ones you don't like now in a couple of weeks and you might change your mind as your taste buds change.
when I was on LT I tried the flapjacks several times in the hope I would grow to like them , but I never managed to eat more than a crumb .. I found they tasted like dried oxo cubes with lumps of fat in them .. although some people do like them ( weird !!) so it may be worth trying them ??


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it is totally personal taste. I eat both. I prefer the peanut as the coconut have a very bizarre non coconut taste!! But the peanuts aren't too bad, and as there is nothing from real food to compare it to, the taste becomes much more pleasent!! I only eat strawberry shakes, occasional flapjacks, occasional chocolate. My advice is don't view it as food, view it as fuel to keep ur body working. These packs are a survival tool, good tasting nosh is the reason we're all on this diet lol. Good luck x


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Nearly didn't come on this thread because even the word makes me feel sick they are disgusting, I will say however that the shakes taste better the longer you are on them, good luck!!
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iv tried bothe the coconut and peanut and they both are equally discusting. u will have to try it tho as every ones tastes varies,i only tied them out of curiosity lol they look like ice pucks and taste the same lol
hi brandon i tried the flapjacks this morning and they are really bad nether have i tasted anything so disgusting lol , i dont like chocolate milkshakes but i must say i enjoy having the chocolate one at night hot good luck with what u decide to have tammy x


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I can eat the peanut flapjacks, they're not that pleasant, but edible - just! Good if you haven't access to shakes whilst you are out. Haven't tried the coconut but its nice to have a chew for a change. Iwas once out and had one for brekky and one for dinner, but there was no way I could have eaten one for tea. : )


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I love both flapjack, I eat them every day for lunch at work cos I dont want anybody to know I am doing TFR.

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