Shakes into porridge?


Exante Weightloss Ninja!
So I'm back on the wagon again and doing well.
But I have a ton of soups and shakes to plow through before I can allow myself to purchase anything else.

My absolute favourites are the porridge sachets, which I dont have any of, does anyone know if I can cheat and add a spoon of oats to a shake, blend it and produce a decent porridge, I worked out even as much as 10 grams of oats only works out to 12 calories, so in theory shouldn't mess up the ketosis thing?

How much oats are in them? I could take out a spoonful of the shake powder and swap for oats maybe? They are pretty much the same thing just one has oats I guess.

Any thought on this? I'm bang on strict with everything else, I dont have milk. I'm 19 stone, so a ton to lose. I'm doing 3 packs a day, although with my BMI I should probably do 4 a day.

I've tried doing a physillium husk shake porridge but the texture was just wrong, it was like wall paper paste, although the benefit there is the physillium husk is not digestible so zero calories or carbs.
Heya, it's not the calories you need to be concerned with re Ketosis, but the carbs. The miracle of internet tells me there are 6.6g carbs in 10g of oats. As long as the rest of your carb intake for the day is less than 44g, which it probably is if you stay on plan, you *should* be ok.

However it all depends on how sensitive you are to carbs. I'm lucky and can get away with the odd minor inclusion to plan, other people arent... So, no-one can definitively tell you whether it's going to be OK or not, you'll have to do the maths and see what happens. :)