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    I am hoping to start trying for a baby later this year. I am going to be fairly overweight still as I have lots to lose, but I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on the best way to specifically get rid of tummy fat? Is it just as simple as doing lots of sit ups? I would really welcome any help as obviously this is the place I really want the least fat on (so it's not tricky for the sonographer to take an ultrasound, etc)

    Thanks :)
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    Unfortunately you cannot spot reduce. The fat always seems to go last from the place you really want to lose it from! But as you lose weight it will go and if you tone up your abs it will look flatter. Cue Justin to tell us how to do that, but I seem to think that situps aren't that effective. I know that doing the plank really gets to mine.
  4. Bunnyg

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    Thanks - my god I don't think I can do the plank at the mo!! There's just too much body and not enough strenght! ha!
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    Hi I am a Fitness consultant/manager so thought I would give you some advice here.
    Like Judimac said you can not spot reduce, unfortunate as that may be!
    Sit ups will work some of the ab muscles but will do nothing to burn the fat that covers them, that is all down to healthy diet and a complete and balanced cardio/resistance work out.
    Sit ups and cruches still have their place but there are many many different exercises that help to strengthen the whole core area, not just the front abs. Think of your abs as a corset, going all the way round, front, sides and back. Pilates moves are fab for acheiving a balanced core. Do a search on Core stability and you'll find lots of essential info. If you want any more detailed advice give me a shout :)
  6. Justin

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    I think its important again to note that although you cannot spot reduce, fat will be burned from all over your body. And the best way to do this is to use as many muscles as possible at every possible opportunity.

    This is why I make good use of the plank, as it challenges the many, many muscles within your core, and of course the 'corset' (credit: Gertiegumdrop:) )of the lower back and front ab wall.

    Id also like to point out that when burning fat is your priority, it will be more efficient to concentrate most of your efforts on using the entire body's muscle groups in order to burn calories.

    Exercises such as squats, press ups, and step ups adhere to the principle of using as many muscles as possible, and therefore burn as many calories as possible. Doing these exercises will burn more fat from your stomach area than if you were to simply use core exercises alone.

    So the solution? do the total body exercising AND the core exercises. But make the Total Body exercises the priority.
  7. Bunnyg

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    Thanks everyone - well I am doing body pump, starting step and going to the gym and swimming, so hopefully this variety will help with what you've said.

    Will go google core stability now

    Thanks guys x
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    Sorry, but how do you 'do the plank'?
  9. Angel-xo

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    YouTube - Plank It :)

    I done it for the first time yesterday (properly with my back straight and my butt not hanging in the air lol) and it kills. Uses all your strength lol.
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