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You need flax meal. Either grind it yourself from flax seed or buy online or in shops.

I am told Holland and Barrett stock it but mine doesn't seem to, only the seed! Amazon do have it, so does ebay.

Someone recommended Julian Graves, but haven't tried there.

The wonderful MIM will change your life and make Atkins a sheer joy.

You can google flaxmeal or ground linseed, the term we tend to use much more here in the UK.
i have still not found any flax seed!

I just got a delivery from there.

LINUSIT organic milled flaxseed.

Ready ground for you. I bought two packs and the postage was the same as if for just the one. Better still it is GOLDEN flaxseed (linseed) which is said to be better tasting and is lighter in colour. It is usually a bit more expensive.

Go for it cos the MIM is gonna steal your Atkins heart away!


Just eating a MIM I made from the golden flaxmeal. oh what joy!
I found Prewett's ground linseed at my Tesco online. Small bag sure enough but only £1.65 or so and good quality.

I made a savoury MIM base for pizza tonight. Oh, my! I am gonna SO enjoy it.
How how how do u cook with this stuff??
I just love it! Ha Ha. I am very glad because it has become a fantastic addition to my daily diet. I experiment all the time with new ways to use it.

First make the MIM Sona. Make it sweet as per the recipe if you like, or leave out the sweetener and cinnamon and add a little bit of salt and maybe pepper. You will then have a plain bun mix for a burger or sandwich.

Or cut it up and toast it! Delicious.
That's interesting Laura, I don't find it has any taste at all, mind you I use tiny amounts of it.
Yes it does have a sort of oily back-kick on the taste buds! The golden variety is milder and smoother.

I experiment more and more with flavourings and adding cream cheese or cream or whatever to the mix. It all helps.
I have now started to make chocolate MIMs. There are few words able to do justice to how yummy and filling these are, and wonderful for a choc craving.

I am in Phase 3 so can add cocoa and other things to my MIMs. Not sure if cocoa is allowed in Induction - have read that it is classed as a 'spice' so a small amount should not really be a problem, but this might need to be clarified. I like a fairly generous amount of cocoa, not a flat teaspoonful. If you are allowed it, add 'to taste' I think. It has to be really chocolate-y for me to swoon. I add a little vanilla flavouring, too.

I make them slightly less sweet than I would like, and have done since the first experimental mix. When I feel like it I add sweetener and flavouring (vanilla, for example) to cream cheese, whip it up together and use it as low carb 'frosting'. Delicious.

Using a savoury MIM mix as pizza base worked out very well - yum.
Per 100g Per Serving
Carbs - Fibre = ECC Protein Serving Size Carbs - Fibre = ECC Protein
Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened 54.30g 33.20g 21.10g 19.60g cup 46.70g 28.55g 18.15g 16.86g
Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened 54.30g 33.20g 21.10g 19.60g tbsp 2.93g 1.79g 1.14g 1.06g
Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened, processed with alkali 54.80g 29.80g 25.00g 18.10g cup 47.13g 25.63g 21.50g 15.57g
Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened, processed with alkali 54.80g 29.80g 25.00g 18.10g tbsp 2.96g 1.61g 1.35g 0.98g
Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened, HERSHEY'S European Style Cocoa 60.00g 20.00g 40.00g 20.00g tbsp 3.00g 1.00g 2.00g 1.00g
Cocoa, dry powder, hi-fat or breakfast, plain 48.30g 29.80g 18.50g 16.80g tbsp 2.61g 1.61g 1.00g 0.91g
Wow thank you Jim! All you ever wanted to know about cocoa... but were afraid to ask. LOL.

But everyone is wondering, how many carbs in one teaspooful?

If it is already in there I apologise, I must have developed temporary cocoa-fact blindness!

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