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anyone know how I can get rid of them? My poor puppy is being driven mad by them. He's had tablets off the vet, flea powder and spray and bath stuff and they still wont leave him alone.
what else can I do?
You need to speak to your vet again. We use frontline on our pets but it depends on his age.
thanks, I got the program ones for him and the cat has had an injection of the same stuff. The cat never seems to scratch or anything though and she sleeps on my bed so they would be all over that too if she had them like he does. They've both had capstar tablets too from the vet and when I did go back he just told me that whatever flea eggs are on my dog now wont hatch but that doesn't help im get rid of th elive fleas that are on him. He's about 8 months old and starting to get bald bits because he's nibbling at himself so much.

Oh and just incase you're wondering, he definately ate the tablet
You need to speak to your vet again. We use frontline on our pets but it depends on his age.
Same advice.. i never use tablets powders or whatever.. and never have fleas to worry about.
Reminds me that my doggie is due his this weekend! ;)
I use frontline too and it's great, if you use it on a cat make sure it's on a bit of the neck they can't turn and lick otherwise you get a cat foaming at the mouth and racing round the room. It sounds like your pup may be getting an allergic reaction to them, maybe the vet can give him some antihistamines or whatever the equivalent is for dogs.
One thing that always makes me laugh is that I get mine either from France or Italy as you can get it over the counter from there and it is much cheaper.

Anyone the French cat one always makes me want to say 'chat line', sad I know but it makes me chuckle :eek: :D
thanks, the vets has been in touch with the company to say it didnt work and has given him something else to get rid of them. Hopefully I'll get a refund for the stuff that didnt work
I use frontline too and it works a treat.

My dog went through a period of scratching and became patchy and red. It turned out to be an allergy to the fleas. The vet gave him an injection and I had some cream to rub on the sore bits along with him being frontlined. After a while it all calmed down but I was always careful to make sure I kept his frontline up to date afterwards
I am another Frontline fan. I now buy mine online from the same place I get my horse wormers from.

Mile End Supplies Ltd Online Catalogue

Postage is free. They are very fast lol.

To put it into context I paid £22.50 at my vets earlier this year for a pack of 6 cat. It's £17.65 delivered to your door from this place.
wow thats quite a difference isnt it. i think I'll have to remember that one for when I next nee to get some. thanks