I got fat...

Little Red

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Like...REALLY overweight for me.

I have never been small. I have always cycled back and forth between 11st and 12st7lb. For the keen-eyed people (anyone?) reading this, you will notice that, even at my lowest, my BMI is still not within 'healthy range' for my 5ft3in frame. I am muscular, or 'well-built' as my mother insisted on telling me when I was growing up, and I am quite happy at a comfortable size 12. So what happened!? Food, alcohol and depression happened!

I now buy a size 16; I take no joy in shopping; and I barely look at myself in the mirror anymore. I never leave the house, apart from going to work, and I just don't socialise. I am only 30 years old, and I am living like a 80 year-old hermit. This 👏 has 👏 got👏 to 👏 stop! I am wasting my youth and my life.

Today is DAY 1 of my weight-loss journey. My first hammer of choice is Cambridge Weight Plan. Once I have enough pounds of fat chiselled off, I will switch to a low sugar/high protein diet, which is ideal for people like me with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.

I have two mini goals over the next 5 weeks. In 3 weeks, I am meeting friends that I have not seen in 2 years, and I want to be a stone lighter when I see them. Then, at the end of September, my husband and I are going to Paris for our anniversary. I want to be a stone and a half lighter for my trip. If I can hit these goals, then I think I will have the motivation to hit my overall goal of being 11st by Christmas.

Let's lose some weight beech!

Little Red x
Welcome Little Red! Come and join the Slimmer for Christmas thread. Copy and paste the latest list and add yourself to the bottom with yr weight loss goal by Xmas.
Hey Little Red, like you I am 5. 3 and I am gone over 12 st.. which I haven't done in YEARS! I'm following the Slimming World plan but it would be great to bounce off each other? Not literally.. :banana_dancer: :p:p:p