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Flight Weight Limit?


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Has anyone heard the news about there being a 15st weight limit for passengers on flights? (If over, they need to book another seat?)
Just wanted to know if this is true as I'm starting CD in the morning and don't have much chance of getting down to that weight by July (We're flying with Thomsons).

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Gotta be rubbish.
A 6 foot 6 person with a bmi of 24 would weigh 15 stone where as a 5 foot person with a bmi of 41 would also weigh the same. They could no way expect the tall person to pay for 2 seats on the theory he weighs 15 stone, there would be an uproar.
Could see them doing something like this but theyd need a more effective system. :)


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I think that the rumour is that if you cant put the arm rest down they will expect you to pay for a second seat
How on earth will they know this until you're in your seat in a full plane? :confused:


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Easyjet are looking at the idea of changing more to 'fat' people, one idea was for females over 15st and males over 20st. To me is sounds like discrimination.
i can't see how this could ever work, for instance, what would a woman do if she were pregnant with twins? She would have a large waist then! Or the tall man who is full of muscles with a high weight?
I think we are becoming a very fattist society, but I don' t think things will improve. I think that eventually, fat people will be discriminated against in all manner of ways and much more than we have in the past.
As for air travel, that is a 'funny one', in a way, I sort of understand the problem. Weight of a plane increases the amount of fuel used and the price of fuel goes up all the time. And ultimately airlines have to make money, and passengers have to pay already excessive flight costs. I heard someone say on one of the day time programmes, if a person gets on the plane and their luggage is even a few KG overweight, then they are very heavily penalised. The reason for this, is that the plane needs more fuel for extra weight. And yet a person could be on that plane, 100kg more than the average person, and yet they are not penalised. (However if a person is so big that they cant fit in one seat, they have always had to book a second seat) So why should the average person who works hard to stay fit and within a healthy BMI, pay more money for those of us who don't?
The good thing is each and everyone of us doing CD WILL get slim if we stick to the plan, so long term, none of us need to worry about the health or social implications of these changes.

Just to say.... when I went to the grand Canyon by helicopter a few years ago from Vegas, every single person who checks in, is weighed and positioned on the helicopter dependent of their weight! No Quibbles! A helicopter is very dependent on weight, some companies actually refuse to take a person over a certain weight, thats just how it is, just as some roller coasters can't take very heavy people and just as you can't do a parachute jump for charity or take riding lessons if you are over a certain weight. I think that being over weight we have to take some responsibility for our size and accept that there are certains things we can't do.
I don't however condone discrimination I just feel that sometimes we make life choices and have to live with the consequences!

And before you all shout at me for my feelings, I have been classed as obese for many years! I am not a skinny girl putting fat people down!



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I think thats well put actually.. I totally agree with you.. and I can honestly say now.. that I am pleased I have nearly lost 3 stone and wont be put in that situation and feel a million times better. I would be so embarrased if I had 2 pay for 2 seats or if I could not get on a rollercoaster and I am pleased that wont happen to me now!
you will be fine Paula!!! By june you will be several stones lighter and I doubt very much that any changes will happen overnight if at all!!!

and to add, I doubt they could enforce any changes in bookings that have already occured!
Hi everyone,

I work for an airline (none of the mentioned ones) and just wanted to say we get all shapes and sizes on board and they are not charging for big people to fly...but Im just talking about who I work for.
Also, just to say if you ever ask for an extension seat belt because your on the large side, please dont be worried or embarrssed, nobody thinks anything of it except probably yourself. Im not say this because Im nice and slim....I used to be 16 stone and I was a trolley dolley...still am!! My belt used to cut into me every day at work so had to do something about.
I hope I have not offended anybody...just trying to reassure....sorry if not relevant xxx


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Thanks for all the replies.
I telephone Thomsons this afternoon and was told that they do not base anything on passenger weight, as long as you can fit into a standard seat (16in wide) then you are fine.
I should be ok by July! Just a bit more motivation!!!



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It's utter bull! I went to America at 20st! I paid the rest as everyone else! 1 seat!


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Thanks Emma!


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I went to America last year with Virgin @ 18st too :)


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I reckon it's all fine if you fit into a 1 person seat in the class you're travelling in (economy / business... biiiig difference.)

Weight doesn't really matter to most until you take up 2 seats, that will matter as they'll have lost income on 1 seat which they may ask you to pay for etc. :)

Some flight agencies have really small seats though! Very annoying. :/ Even my slim friend could hardly fit!! xD

Dont worry too much and keep up the good work ;-) You're doing great.


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