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Flying high


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Statement and question

1. I am going to be flying on Friday - back to UK for a long weekend to see my mum. The past couple of times I have flown I haven't had to ask for an extension belt but purely cos I pulled like hell and squashed myself. This time I won't be squashed! Also - I am looking forward to not having my knees pressed against the seat in front. I figure the weight I have lost from my back will give me more room - I can already tell from my position while driving.
lol Now I just have to lose more weight so I can get the tray down properly and flying may almost become a pleasure!

2. Question - does anyone have any experience with travel sickness tablets? I get violently ill but since I discovered Boots tablets years ago, everything has been fine....until I went on CD. Last time I flew I took my tablets as usual, got on the plane and was ill within 5 minutes. A friend thinks this may be because there wasn't enough food in my tummy as I am usually taking them after a decent breakfast. Any ideas folks? I really don't want to go through being ill like that again. Should I have something else to eat before I take them?
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Rebecca - I read the link you posted - yes it does help as it's another vote for having something more substantial before I fly. I don't want to break my SS but I can't cope with being ill again so maybe I'll take a tupper with some chicken or something!
Thanks :)


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Could you possibly have a breakfast to take them with, a couple of eggs shouldn't do much harm, or eat a SS+ meal.
try the wrist bands hon they are meant to help with travel sickness and my friend wears them during pregnancy and my sister wears them after her Chemotherapy for nausea.

Good luck hon x


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I find that whatever is in JoyRide does not make me ill, whereas other products do. Also, you could try something homeopathic or from a healthfood store. Welcome Home!



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Can't stomach the porridge or the shakes. I think I shall have a soup when I get up as usual and then take some chicken to have cold in the airport before I go through customs and then take my tablets.
It so happens that my 810 week starts tomorrow so it's well times for my flight! I can actually officially have some chicken and veggies!
I hope you have a safe and comfortable trip.


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