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Foggy thinking - is it just me?


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I'm sitting at my desk at work right now, trying incredibly hard to concentrate on the work I need to be getting on with - and failing miserably, cos I keep losing my train of thought. It's like I just can't get my brain in forward gear, LOL.

Now I vaguely remember this happening when on CD on previous occasions, but I don't remember being quite this bad!

Is it just me?? Or have I reached senility ahead of time? (I have just turned 40, after all... :cry:)

And does anyone have any words of hope for it getting better any time soon? I've just qualified to do my job after a 4 year training course, and right now, I feel as thick as two short planks! There's all this work I need to be getting on with and I just can't think straight!

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humm i feel thick most of the time even when i am not on the CD diet lol :) I start the diet on Thursday and i cant get it out my head. I am sat here now also at work and i am on this forum lol. I even dreamed about being slim last night lol. This diet has already taken over my life and i aint even started it yet haha. Maybe i am a little OVER excited to be starting it haha


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No, I find this too. It was one of my big things about not wanting to be in ketosis, because I find I get like that. Problem is I have CFS so can be like it anyway, so didn't want it to be worse. Thankfully though this time round I've reacted differently to ketosis and I think it's actually helping. I don't really have any advice on it, but just wanted to say it isn't just you, you're not going senile! x


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i've had foggy thinking since i had my kids 7 years ago:D


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Is your age Lily, definitely pmsl

I am a fog brain since having kids, so feel no different since starting this diet.

Hope it improves chick.

Charlie xx

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