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Following a weigh-in....


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When I did WW back in 2008 I always used to treat myself, big stylee, following a WI (as in chocolate, crisps, coke, chips...I'd go mad!!) but now on SW I am not so over indulgent.

Following my half a stone award last week I did get myself a small chips and gravy from the chippy but I'd only eaten soup all day!!
i've just stocked up on what I need to make some sin free burgers, chips and breaded mushrooms for my dinner tomorrow after weigh in - I know that it'll feel so indulgent, but it's only going to be a few sins for garlic mayo (homemade with light mayo), and all my healthy extras for the bread roll and cheese. Now seriously, how can you call that a diet?!!!! lol!

I always have some form of treat - I try and have a big, but sin-free dinner, and then a smaller treat, so it might go over sins slightly, but not mental!


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I always have some form of treat - I try and have a big, but sin-free dinner, and then a smaller treat, so it might go over sins slightly, but not mental!
Thats what i do too, have a big meal and then let myself have a few treats, that way I am already full so might have a couple celebrations chocs and thats me happy.


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I never really saw the point of it. When I was losing weight you had to use your syns daily so there was no syn saving. Some people would go on a binge after weigh-in but my thinking was it was stupid to do that all they were doing was making it harder to lose weight the following week. After all next week's loss starts the moment you leave class!

Nowaday you can use syns weekly so I think that as long as you count your treat from your syn allowance then fair enough. But if you treat it like a freebie then that's just setting yourself up for failure.
I do try and make sure my dinner is something I really want, like steak or egg, beans and chips - that way sin free dinners feel like a treat anyway! I don't know why, just on weigh-day it feels so much more indulgent!

Some people in the class I used to go to used to go crazy with their weigh in treats - I swear half the class used to drive straight to the chippy!
Not usually, I dont no. Even though I walk past at least 3 chip shops on the way home, and also go to a newsagents to get my kids their reward for behaving at bedtime on the way.

Today however, I have hit 2 of my personal goals, first stone off with SW and over 50lb lost since I decided to do something about my weight back in January. So I am having a chunky kit kat caramel and a cup of tea for my supper later.

Not off plan but still a treat.


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I do treat myself but I don't go off plan. On weigh in day I tend to stick to free foods so by the time I get home in the evening I still have all my syns left to use so i'll have a bigger/more indulgent meal than usual.

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I try not to, but I must admit on occasions I have. It's normally things like going wild and eating two bread rolls, or not synning things I should be. Such a devil me!!!
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My treat is that when I go for WI on a Wednesday evening OH cooks tea for me so that it's ready when I get home. Still SW food, but the treat is that I don't have to cook it!!!


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I don't treat myself after WI, I think it kind of defeats the object. I tend to have very little to eat on WI day and only free foods so that when I get home after WI I have my dinner and then got all my syns and HEX choices to treat myself with - I'm luving the kellogs fibre plus bars right now, they are just the best treat ever and you can use one as a HEX B choice :D


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no curvy lass i'm naughty too :)
had a chinese after WI tonight
and am eating a magnum at the mo too

I do agree that it defeats the purpose but i don't get back from WI till gone 9 usually and just really don't feel like cooking - and the other half would never think of cooking for me! Not a great excuse but the truth
I used to do that every now and again - but i'd try and be good by just having a chow mein - don't think that's too bad sins wise, yet still feels very naughty!