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Food Diary, Do you bother?


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Just picking brains again here, I am supposed to be filling out a food diary thing for my consultant, think everyone is meant to. Although, I find it really annoying and has me focusing too much on food and that is not good for me at all.

Do you fill your FD out every week?
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i will be slim
havnt done this time round(about the 4th time doing slimming world)

i feel the same its best just get on with it as i feel also it makes u think to much about food

they do it just to make sure were eating the right foods on the slimming world plan


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No I don't do it.

I think I should as it's a great way to focus the mind and remember to count EVERY little thing that passes your lips.
I pretty much do a food diary every day, at the very least I will write down my healthy extras and always my syns. I have a very bad memory and it is the only way for me to remember what I have eaten on any particular day.
I fill mine out online. Although some days when I am short on time I just fill in what syns I have had. I have 70 syns over the week so it helps me to keep track of those.

I feel it also helps when you are stuck for ideas as to what to have. You can look back on previous weeks for inspiration.


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I don't go to a class, so I don't have the paper diaries to fill out every day.

But, do I do a food diary every day......

Yes I do, every day without fail.

I carefully work out my food diary every day, and post it in the Food Diary forum.

Working out and following my food diary really keeps me focused.
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I don't do them everyweek - but if i feel I am slipping or want to re-focus on plan then yep I fill one in. They are a great tool to see just what you are eating & when I do one, it makes me think before reaching for something to eat in a do I really want/need this kind of way.

Our c always gets members to fill them in when they are struggling - a member the oter week lost 4lbs after a few weeks of STS or little gains - just because it re-focus's you x


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I'm going it alone, so a food diary is really important for me. It keeps me focused and holds me accountable for every little thing I put in my mouth. :eek: Also, looking back on my week is useful if I haven't had a good weight loss to see what changes I need to make. I managed to gain 0.5lbs this week, despite sticking to plan. I looked back at my diary and saw I've been doing more green days than usual. I keep my diary on the forum here. :)
The food diaries are very important. People with weight problems often have selective memories, i find that the food diaries are great for keeping a track of where everythings going, even with the best will in the world its difficult to keep track over a week if you dont write things down. Also the actual act of recording what your eating makes you more aware of where you can improve, it helps keep you focussed on why your doing it and helps you not to fall in the trap of having the same things all the time. Quite often i think that if people are struggling and were really honest theyd find a food diary would identify were things were sneaking in.
I find it helps it makes me think before I put something in my mouth and it stops me forgetting syns
I fill out the lifeline online one every day but often if im busy I will only account for HExs & Syns ,


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I'm the same as you Xassy, I'm going it alone, and it's the first time on SW, so I feel that I need to write down what I've eaten otherwise I'd conveniently forget some of my syns ;) I find it keeps me focused on what I'm eating, although I'm a bit naughty as regards planning and often don't plan what I'm having for the week. I find that too regimented! I tend to buy a load of stuff and then use it up over the course of the week for meals :)

Sian xx
i think its a rare person whos overweight that wouldnt benefit from keeping an honest record of what they eat.


loves food and cooking
SW encourage new members to keep an accurate diary for the first 4 weeks - it helps to teach you the plan and check that new members get the support that they need in the early stages.

After the first 4 weeks, most consultants actually advise that you fill in food diaries less often (the idea being that this is a plan for life, and most non-dieting people don't write down every morsel of food they eat!), but instead use them to refocus after a period of finding things hard - ie they should become an extra tool to help you with your journey, not necessarily for use all the time.

That said I know many people who fill in a diary every day - and who will continue to do so. Personally I do it every now and then ...
Your C usually will ask for a food diary for the first 4 weeks to make sure your understanding the plan and to help if your struggling.
I keep my diary on here, food and emotions etc and I also have a hardback A5 notebook that I take around with me so I can track as I eat.
I have printed my fav brekkies, lunches and dinners and stuck them in the front pages. In the back I have a list of my most used synned food. Love filling it out and looking back on it too. Can't imagine not doing it now


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i do my food diary on here, and eagerly check for comments if i am going wrong or right - i also post piccies of my meals which i hope inspire others to try something new or different!!! not sure that works!!!

If i didnt do my food diary, i dont think i would stick to the plan half as well, as that extra food item may never get counted!!!


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