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food glorious food...

I sympathise, I've been in a bad mood too - even my mum noticed. I have just forced another strawberry shake down though and am determined to make it to weigh day on Friday... you can do it too!!!
thanks hun i think week two is always a bit nasty but my god im on day 14! i thought i'd be good
this month is bad for me too many bills etc. not enough cash dont have enough cash for next weeks shakes which is kind of rubbish and i think its getting me down...i hate feeling like this. Sorry for being a downer
God do I know what you mean, I have been really angry today and I don't know why, also feeling really depressed, really bad, wanna give up my job and everything. Does this diet create some kind of chemical imbalance or something, thought I would be feeling great by now but its just not happening yet....:sigh:
I know - it brings out the best and worst in me. Weird how I can stick to this and cheat like mad on weight watchers...mind you, I think it took 2 months on ww to lose 5 lbs and only 5 days on LT. Just think of those pounds of lard melting away...;)
i am in a very bad mood today and i really feel like eating!
in a foul mood here too!! and my usual reaction would be this:17729: but the whole reason i'm doing this diet aside from the obvious weight loss reason is to help me learn new healthy coping mechanisms so today i will be :coffee: and :ignore: and :character00148: and if all else fails I'll just turn the music up really loud and go for a drive cos i cant eat and drive!!!
Bin the scales... Well hide them at least... Honestly it's the worst thing to do ... Just wait til your weigh in.... And yes it does screw up your mind... Let's face it at 600 cals we are basically starving ourselves x
i know what you mean about the money side of things, i am studying at the moment and are living on one wage with two teenagers, i am finding it hard to afford too, my mum is buying every other week for me to take the pressure off but its a lot of money every week x
a bit peeved off here too... 100% all week and weigh in tomorrow... hopped on scales this morning... 1lb off... wtf???? tryin not to get into full demon mode!!
hoping the official scales say more tomorrow x

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