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food makes you think

its amazing how little we eat now 3 shakes and water before i was on cd i ate loads for the sake of eating and was still hungry and now just 3 shakes and feeeling full
it makes me realise how much junk i ate when i didnt need to.
hope when im down to my target weight that i dont go back to my old eating habbits#
as when some tells me ive lost weight i think mentally thats an excuse to eat more???:jelous:

start weight 13.10
week one 13.5 lost 5ibs
week two
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as when some tells me ive lost weight i think mentally thats an excuse to eat more???:jelous:
Lol I understand what you mean, you are like me it has the opposite effect, people get motivated by complements I start eating lol, hope I change my eating habit too.
awww at least im not the only one who thinks like that i lost 2 stone about 5 months ago with cd and came of the diet as i couldnt stick to it now im back been 9 days and it seems easier the second and last time round i hope need to loose about 3 stone and i will be happy
what is your starting weight if you do not mind? i need to lose 5-6 st at least 16st7lb
I'm exactly the same, I've had loads of restarts and each time I've given up it is when people have begun to comment on my weight loss. I guess I use weight as a shield, when I'm fat I feel I sit in a corner and blend in (Wishful thinkng!) I know people won't talk about "me". It's reassuring to know others have the same reaction.

We'll all get there!
my start weight was 14 stone now 9 days later im 13.3ibs finish week 2 on monday so see how much ive lost
hopefully if i stick to it i will be around 12 stone by xmas


Doing Slimming World
I feel the same, I realise how much crap I really used to eat.
Same here and I am actually appaled by how much I used to eat!

A typical day would be:

Small bowl of healthy cereal like bran flakes (as every day I was starting a diet!)

I would cave in at about half 10 and go to Gregs bakery for a cheese and onion pasty AND a caramel doughnut.

Lunch would either be half of a takeaway pizza from Papa Johns or a coronation chicken sandwich or coronation chicken jacket potato with loads of butter from the local sandwich place

Mid afternoon snack would be chocolate bar, sweets, popcorn - something like that but not just one but two or 3!

And then in the evening I would eat whatever for dinner, takeaway or spaghetti bolognase or something and then I would have a chocolate bar or ice cream for desert!

When I read over that it makes me feel sick, I don't even recognise those eating habits anymore! No wonder I was about 11 stone (5 foot 1) when I started Lighter Life back in January!
Originally Posted by nimi

as when some tells me ive lost weight i think mentally thats an excuse to eat more???:jelous:

oh yes i know that one all too well x
This post is interesting as I've been on CD for over 9 weeks now and the more compliments I get, the more I feel like eating, my boss has been away for about 5 weeks and commented via e-mail today that she couldn't wait to see the 'new Sarah'.... for some reason that has FREAKED me out and I have been picking and self sabotaging all afternoon :(

Weird.. I think I need to get back to therapy..

Sarah x
comments are good this morning when to sainsbury and my friend said your looking slim i thought yes thanks and walked pasted the chocolate biscuits and thought get out of this shop before i buy some indulging food? lol

think i really need to educate my self when it comes to food as the temptations everywehere especially on tv like the M&s adverts there a killer

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