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Foods that Trigger Hunger?


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Actually years ago when i used to eat McDonalds (yuck!!) after about half an hour i was starving again.


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Lol dustyroad, maccie d's never fills anyone up for long!

I find that if I have porridge for breakfast I'm starving a few hours after it!


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mmm porridge does me for most of the morning, but then again I do have a giant bowl full!

carbs make me hungry, if I have a pasta dish, I generally want a dessert a while later.

maybe its a GI thing?

Margery Dawe

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Dustyroad .... I am exactly the same. If I have an apple, not long afterwards I am hungry again!!

Also, the other night I made spag bol with wholemeal spaghetti and was still hungry afterwards .... it didn't even fill me up a little.

I had to go to bed so I didn't eat anything else!
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I've just had the last of my left over "Syn Free KFC" in a big bowl of salad... that was about an hour ago, and my stomach is rumbling now like I haven't eaten all day :confused:
No matter how much veg I eat it's never enough


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If I eat breakfast of any kind I am continually hungry all day!
So I don't eat breakfast, and despite what others say about how important breakfast is I don't, unless I am hungry, which is almost never in the morning!


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If im hungry and eat an apple it makes me even more hungry.
Me too! I always thought it was just me, I feel a lot less weird now! :D
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Eating fruit on its own always makes me hungry very shortly afterwards. Also carbs on their own don't keep me full for long but are fine with protein added. White carbs on their own would trigger a binge for me. As mentioned earlier, is due to rising, then crashing blood sugar.
I find that if i dont eat breakfast I find i can go all day without eating.

Porridge makes me hungrier
grapes make me hungrier i can eat a whole punnet and still be hungry!

I tend to find that not having a drink with my dinner makes me eat more!
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Wow I am amazed at people saying that eating breakfast makes them hungry all day. I am the same and whenever I say it to anyone they either think I'm mad or that it is all in my head and harp on at me about it being the most important meal of the day. I never eat breakfast now.

Also I am a sucker for bread, if I eat one slice, I will want more and more :(

Becca Wecca

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I'm the same if i eat breakfast i'm hungry and my belly rumbles all morning! However if I don't eat breakfast sometimes I can go till 3/4pm without eating. But must add it is very rarely i'll actually do this!

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