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For anyone who doesn't think two stone is a lot :)


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As many of you know, I've been back on the Xenical since January, with six stone to re-lose. It's been a rocky road, but I'm doing OK overall, and I've lost just over two stone so far.
Now, I knew this was a good weight loss, but I didn't think it was anything too dramatic, until today...

I went to visit some close friends of mine who've just had a baby girl. I was having a little cuddle with her this afternoon, when it dawned on my that she was about 7lbs when she was born (only 6 days ago). It got me thinking about how much 7lbs is, and how little credit we give ourselves for half-stone milestones.

And then I looked over at their other daughter (my god-daugher). She's just over two years old, and according to her parents, weighs around two stone, give or take.
Now that REALLY made me realise how much two stone is. I have been carrying around, and have now lost a whole toddler! And we all know how heavy they are to carry around when they don't want to walk!

So I just thought I'd share that with you - because up until now, I was quite underwhelmed by my two stone loss! It just shows that finding something physical to compare your weight-loss against can be a very powerful thing, whether that's a bag of sugar, a baby, a toddler, a sack of potatoes, or a whole person!

So perhaps if the scales are moving, but you don't *feel* any different - try finding something that weighs the equivalent of what you've lost. It really might give you the motivation and boost to carry on :)
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Great post, Alex and you're absolutely right. We all know how good it feels when we've been carrying that toddler around for a while, to put her down again. Just think how great we'll feel when we get rid of al the other little darlings who are still clinging on!

KB x
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Wow! That;s a great way to look at it! I've lost the weight of a wee baby so far woohoo!! Thanks for that, it's true you tend to not think it's that much but it's a lot when you put it like that! I like it Alex!

Denise :)


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wow makes me think x
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i love this post soooooo very true :) xx


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Thanks for that, I am definitely guilty of only half a stone or only a stone and I myself have a 2 stone 3 year old who seems to weigh a ton mid tantrum so it is definitely some motivation. Thanks for that.
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thanks, that's actually what i have been thinking too. you don't give yourself enough credit for it do you until you feel how heavy that king of weigh you were carrying around actually is.

well done for your loss :D
haha it's so true!

you've done amazing so far! =]


gunna be a fatty for ever
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wow fab post hunny!

You should be sooo proud hun


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