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For new starters!!!

When I first started Lipotrim I was so excited to become slim. The first day was fine because I was so motivated but on the second day hunger set in. Day 2 and 3 was so hard but I wrote in a diary how I was feeling. The hunger does get better although I still have times that I am hungry.
I was going to bed for the first 2 weeks at 8pm because I was so hungry at night untill someone gave me a tip, now I have my first shake between 11 and 12, my soup with the children at 4.30pm and then my last shake at 8pm when the kids are in bed (it gives me something to look forward to)
When I feel like giving up I come on here and read everyones posts, it really helps and everyone is doing soooo well. This diet does work if you stick to it and to the rules, I am really starting to believe that I will got slim!!! yipee!!! good luck and stick with it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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I agree with the timing of the shakes. And its reall yhard until you find a way of taking the shakes that YOU like? Everyone has their personal preferences and its trial & error until you hit on 'your' way!
This site is great- any questions I had were answered immediately, and seeing how great everyone is doing is keeping me focused.
I'm only on day 5, and still get hunger pangs- or tempted by a single jelly baby or malteser- thinking it's only little, it won't make a difference, but rush to get a pint of water instead! LOL!
I'm keeping a diary too of what/how I eat & drink, and how I feel each day to help me & maybe future newbies too?
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Yea, it's tough working through the hunger pangs, but I've found they do get less and less frequent and now, I hardly get any at all. I have my first shake 10.30 am (tea-break) lunch 3.30 pm (tea-break) and my final shake at 8.00 pm. It works really well for me and I stick to the same times over the weekend too!
Well done girls and great posts. I agree with you all that its all about timing and also making some time for yourselves. The first couple of days we can get doubts that the diet will work for us, but perseverance over those first few days definitely pays off and the lbs just melt away with the fat busting waters. Keep up the good work, you are all doing brilliantly.


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I think you guys are great to be able to take your first shake after 10am. i wake at 7am and the mornings are when I am weakest. I cant function properly until I get my first 'meal'. How do you do it? Arent you hungry or weak when you wake? Maybe it is because i am only going into my second week? i would love to be able to do breakfast after 10am and lunch after 2pm.


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Everyone is different, though there are ways to get round the hunger like splitting the shakes. I remember starting on this programme and being in awe at those who had been doing it for some weeks. I felt such a novice,but now I feel that I have accomplished so much and am a bit of an old hand. It does get easier though thats not to say there are not times when you just want to tase something. I try to keep in mind that the rewards are so much better than that crust of bread.:D
Try having half your shake when you get up, then the other half later in the morning. I love my first one about 11, my second one about 4-5, then enjoy a hot chocolate before bed about 9. Its a case of finding what suits your needs and lifestyle, you will get into a routine.

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