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Forgive me for I have synned ans synned and synned

In fact thats all I've done for 3 days. I think its because I've been so good for so long and not lost a pound in a month,after doing it 100%.I know it takes longer to loose when your thyroid is low but at times I think "sod it" and fall off big time. At least I've owned up this time and not slinked away for a couple of months so I suppose thats some sort of improvement. Time to start again ........
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You dont need our forgiveness. You need your own.

True dat!

Put it behind you and restart. You never know, that blip might be just what you needed to kick start your losses again. :D
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I don't think that there's a single member who doesn't have weeks like that. My weight stayed the same for about 3 months at one point which would have been fine if I was at target but I was still a long way off! I tried everything to make the scales budge, then thought "sod it" for 3 weeks and in the end it was just a plataux I had to ride out. And that's without an inactive thyroid!

Just stick with it and you will get your weight loss!
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I absolve thee, move on, all is forgiven.
Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett.



Will be thin god dammit!!
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2 alpen lights and a SW quiche for your sins my child - Go in peace x


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A food diary would definately be a good idea as well as searching for some new recipes to keep you on track. Also you may want to search on other food diaries for ideas on lower syn treats you could have. Good Luck and hope your back on track soon!
dont need recipes-have every mag since 1about 1998- and nearly every book.I just get so p***d off at being static at times that throw the towel in.I have posted a adiary tonight -be grateful if someone would take a alook. Not been the best of days =12 hrs in work and no time for meal-ate on the hoof but think I ;ve done ok if not the healthiest/most varied choices.


synful soul
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I really feel for you. It is soul destroying when you know you have been good. Getting on the scales and seeing a zero weight loss is so upsetting.

As you said you deserve a pat on the back for sticking with it and not "running away" from it.

Perhaps now you have got that off your chest you can start anew and your weight will shift. It has too, you can not possibly consume less calories than you use and not lose weight eventually. As you said you had done a 12 hour shift so you obviously work hard.

Why not take a good hard look at what you were eating when you were on plan and not losing. We are all different, but I know that green days, as much as I love them, do not suit me and I do not lose on them.

I too have an under-active thyroid and take 200 mgs. of thyroxine each day. Perhaps you need a thyroid check again.it could be down to something as simple as that. It is doubly hard to lose weight when you have this condition.

I am so glad you haven't lost faith....


well stayed on track yesterday even if not best of choices. Think you may be right FM think I will go for check up to see if it helps. Haven't lost for nearly 6 weeks and been at it 100 %.Thats why I fall off the wagon.I posted diary so maybe someone will see if I'm missing something. Sometimes you can't see for looking.


Will be thin god dammit!!
S: 18st3lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Right - Im off to see your diary x

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