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Forgive me sw for i have synned :(

I havnt been on here for a few days due to being ill, I've had a horrid sore throat to the point of not being able to swallow without being in pain. I even got sent home from work and slept a whole afternoon which isn't me at all. I couldn't go to weigh in on Wednesday because I was poorly and since then all I've done is munch on rubbish and ice-cream to make me feel better. It did for a while but now I'm thinking how stupid I've been! I am not even really a fan of ice-cream but it helped my throat.

Now it's time to get back on the wagon, this is the first time I've fallen off :(

Any tips or advice would be fab as I feel like a failure at the moment. Starting from tomorrow its a new day I know, I'm frightened I'm going to fall back into old habits. Shall I knock off some syns per day before my weigh in next week? I don't really know what to do :(

Chrissie x

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Hula princess in training
Awww hun your not a failure *hugs* :hug99: You were ill and now want to move on and do something about eating badly which shows how determind you are! My advice would be to cut down on the syns per day until weigh in :)

Sum X
Thanks for the reply xx

Just worried about what to do, and the outcome of the scales next week. Feel if i gain im going to let people down. I wish I went to weigh in now, funny how a change of routine shakes things up. My consultant wished me better which was nice of her.

How many syns do you think I should cut down too per day do you think?

Thanks again x

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Hula princess in training
No worries Hun and you're not going to let anyone down if you have a little gain once. We all deviate from the plan so its understandable. And your consultant is so nice to wishing you get better :D

Uumm my advice would probably be about 5 syns a day

Sum X
Thank you for your advice *hugs*
5 sins per day I think I can manage!


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