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Forgot my food pouches!!!

Jennyonaplate said:
I am starving and haven't brought any of my food pouches to work.

There is a salad bar in the canteen, would that with a little bit of ham be ok. Is cheese allowed? It's a limited choice in there!
Bit late now, but I would have had a green salad with plain protein, ham is probably ok but I would have preferred tuna or chicken myself.

Hope you managed to have something.
I had lettuce, cucumber and some ham. The only other options to accompany it was tuna mayo or cheese. Their salad bar is great if you like everything covering in mayo, otherwise it's very limited!
Personally I would have had nothing. After all if you're in ketosis then you're not physically hungry anyway. It wouldn't have done you any harm to have the packs when you got home. I did it a few times last time I did a vlcd. But well done on making pretty good food choices. I don't think I could which is why I'd have just waited till I was home.
Well done on making good choices.
I have to admit Id be the same as polishrose and had nothing, Ive done that a couple of times at work and just had extra coffee or water. If youre in ketosis youre not really starving ;) Its probably partly psychological cos you know you didnt have the packs with you and had nothing to have.

Ive got an emergency pack and bar in my locker now - just incase lol
I hadn't had my breakfast pack, so come lunchtime I was ready to eat my desk, if I left it till I got home it would've been 24 hours since I'd last eaten! It was proper proper hunger, so not sure if i've fallen out of ketosis, but the scales are still moving in the right direction and i've stuck to the plan like a good girl, so i'm not going to get too hung-up about it.

I also forgot my tea-bags at work, as if i'd had a cuppa that would've tided me over a bit longer. Lesson learnt, handbag re-stocked!

On the plus side, my trousers are loose and people are starting to notice - woohoo!
Well there's not really any reason why I should be, so just going to keep on with it. If I have fallen out of ketosis, then i'll soon fall back into it!

I've been so good, can't believe i've lasted so long on this diet!
I get waves of hunger too sometimes, even though I'm definitely in ketosis. I think it affects different people differently. Sounds like you did the right thing though.

I remembered to take a stack of packs in to work today to keep in my drawer - having run out last week.
I dont get into ketosis on this diet - its too high in carbs for me. Im thinking its because of the bars mind you and after Friday I dont need food at work so will be stopping them in the hope I get back into ketosis.

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