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Freaking out - what to do (may be tmi for some!)

Oh my - sorry for posting this here but I don't know if it is diet related or not.

Basically I did a no.2 this morning and there was a little blood - not frequent but also nounusual for me when a hard stool - i assume tearing.

Anyway, I just went for a no.1 and felt a bit wet at my back passag and when I wiped there was blood and mucus in it!

Has anyone else had this? What should I do? I am freaking out a bit!
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Well I've got a Dr appointment for tomorrow. If it is diet related, I'll update you all.

*sigh* I hope not becuase I am approaching my 4th weigh-in and wanted to keep going.
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Dont know about if it could be diet related but it could be haemmeroids (sp?). Good luck at the docs


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hope you're ok
I spoke to my CDC and she said its most likely to be related to constipation and get it checked by the Dr but take some fibre supplement.

Never had constipation with blood and mucus before :cry:

My CDC said apparently its not uncommon but normally happens alot later in the diet rather than week 4.

Hope its just that and nothing more serious. I can take the fibre supplement and keep going or go up a plan?!

This is the only thing in ages where I have actually lost weight and I don't want the Dr to tell me to come off it.
and now i've broken the diet sort of.

As well as my shake i had 128g pack of chicken. This would be ok as I can just had another shakle later and its SS+

But now, I just ate the other pack of chicken I got for tomorrow :-(

CDC reckons Dr will tell me to come off the diet :cry:


back once again
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hey, sorry to hear about the unpleasant symptoms your getting, i can sympathise totally, i have had irritable bowel syndrome on and off for about 10yrs and i have all of those symptoms at flare up time.

As for the chicken you are eating stop stressing, your better off eating that instead of something absolutely not allowed.

Hope your docs appointment goes well.

Debs x
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i've had this before when it's just not come out and i've had to drag it out. the mucus is a sort of thick yellow colour and you've probably torn a little when it's come out. not to worry. just drink more and get some fibre stuff and don't let yourself go too long without going for a no:2


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good luck for the doctor appt.


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Hope all goes well at the docs, I think it's prob caused by the constipation, seems too much of a co-incidence otherwise. Good luck xx
Thought I'd let you all know its nothing serious.

Dr diagnosed IBS which is pretty common and not a surprise to me.

Evidently your advice was great to take a fibre supplement. I took one this morning and lets just say it was a pleasent experience.


back once again
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thought that was what it would be, same as me.

x Debs x


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Generally speaking if the blood is fresh then it's usually a tear from being constipacted, too hard etc.

I've always been told not to worry unless it is a darker blood which means it's travelled from further up the system and needs checking out.

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