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Fred's Thread

Out with the old, in with the new.

I've got to do something about my weight. In April 2010 the Doctor sent me to SW and I got on really well with it. I went from 14.0st to 11.6st Wow! It was amazing, I felt great. But then, I went to alton towers in August 2010, and splurged. I had 2 burger kings in one day (one was XL) and I had 6 doughnuts. Needless to say, I was sick on the night...But since that day, I haven't been able to get back on track.

Well I've had enough! I'm going to do it. I'm the heaviest I've ever been at 14.5st, so seeings as slimming world was the only thing which helped me lose the weight, I'm going to do it. However, I think it would benefit me more to join a forum than go to group, and spend the money I would have spent on group, on a gym membership, or classes.

So, my goals.

1. Start slimming world right now!
2. Go to my first spinning class tomorrow night
3. Cancel going to pizza hut on Wednesday
4. Lose half a stone by the end of August!

Wish me luck peeps. I'll probably be back here everyday to check in. It helps me focus if I write about it.
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Well I didn't stick to two of my goals but I'm hoping that won't matter too much as it's my first week and usually good things still happen on first weeks. I didn't go to spinning class because I had to go out and buy interview clothes for yesterday. And I didn't cancel pizza hut (and I had desert!).

Tuesday went well, I ate 2 apples in one day - shocker. I'd never usually eat 1 apple let alone 2. Wednesday was pizza hut day so apart from a packet of squares, the pizza and the desert were the only syns I ate that day. Thursday, I did well. I don't think I ate any syns (to make up for pizza hut) and I even went to the cinema and bought raspberries and grapes to take with me. Friday was also good although feeling a little hormonal, all I wanted to do was eat so I made sure to eat no syn foods - so I snacked on pasta beans and HEX cheese and later, a tin of spaghetti. (I do green days).

Today I'm starting eating syns again. I think I've made up for pizza hut, or there abouts. I'm off to the cinema with the OH tonight, and rather than going out to eat before, he's coming over here and I'm cooking KFC style chicken burgers and then the giant jaffa cake for desert but with strawberry jelly. The jelly's already in the fridge :) And snacks for the cinema tonight are pepsi max, leftover kfc chicken strips and grapes. I'm having a red day today because my dad's doing a bbq, and I'm having a piece of gammon, mushrooms on skewers, pineapple on skewers and strawberries although I might save the strawberries for the cinema.

I think I might start aiming to do my body magic award this week. I want to get the stickers everyone has in their sigs but I don't know how to do it. Hmm, I shall try and figure it out!


Better to Drink your Syns
Well done on the cinema snacks!

And delicious sounding food for today:)

There is a thread giving details of how to add stickers to your signature, it was really easy to follow - It must have been if I did it:eek:
Hey Hannah! Hope you had a good time at the cinema! Did you see harry potter too?

I didn't eat all the fruit I took with me so I'm having it for breakfast. I feel fat and horrible today, but I'm still sticking with it because that's what the problem is. Me and the OH are off out for a carvery today so I'm just gonna eat the veg and potatoes and syn the gravey and potatoes. I think I ate too many syns last night at teatime. I had a white roll and cheese slice aswell as eating all the chocolate from the top of the jaffa cake.


Now to maintain.....
just stumbled across your thread.....really enjoyed reading so far and will def be popping in again!
where abouts in bristol are you??


One day at a time
Hiya Fedderfy

I'm just popping in to see how you are, I've just ready your diary and it looks great - the only thing I would say is not to make too many goals at once, one at a time is just fine. :D:D

Hope your having a lovely weekend Boo xx
Best of luck with your jurney hun :):)

The giant jaffa sounds great! im gonna have to look for that one.

Have you started your spinning class yet? ive been looking at it but everyone keeps telling me how hard it is, and at the moment my fitness is non exsistant so its put me off going lol. you have to let me know how it goes if you do join!

Im doing the same as you, putting the money that would of gone on group, into the gym, i have my induction tomorrow, works out a real good price at £32 a month, but the you get unlimited use of the gym, swimming, classes, badminton and squash etc and you also get a fitness instructor to do you a plan every 6 weeks....money well spent i think!

oh and dont beat yourself up about the pizza hut, i had one too lol...took the kids on the first day of holidays.

Look forward to reading your updates....were all behind you :)
Luverick, thanks! I'm from Kingswood. Where are you?
Boo, yeah, I think that's wise. I've never really made goals before so it's my first time at doing it! Think I shall just stick to trying to achieve my first half a stone.
MissyF, I've decided not to join the gym quite yet (left my job last week so saving the money) but I will do as soon as I get settled in another job! I didn't go to spinning but yeah I've heard the same, that it's hard. But if we don't try it, we'll never know. And usually the hard ones are the best ones to do! Esp for a kick start.

Oh dear, well today was terrible! I got a bit confused about what I was doing, so I tried to rectify it and then I think I made it worse. I started off with a breakfast of strawberries, grapes and raspberries accompanied by a vanilla muller light, thinking I was having a green day. For dinner, we stopped at a beautiful pub in Weston and I had a roast pork dinner. I didn't eat it all but I ate a yorkshire pudding, a stuffin ball, 1 slice of pork, 2 small roasters, 4 boiled potatoes and a couple of carrot sticks. There was gravy on there too. Okay, but I should have changed to an EE day really, there was no reason not too (although I didn't really eat that much veg I guess) and then I had a desert (OH NO!). Lemon and raspberry melt. But I didn't have the custard. Anyway, so for tea I had pasta with beans and I weighed some 'full fat' cheese on the MIL's scales and I couldn't quite work it out but when I grated it it looked kind of the same size as the amount of cheese I use for low fat 40g portion. Oh well. So yeah, I think I've gone over a bit, but nevermind. At least I haven't eaten the packet of munchies I bought :)

Weigh day tomorrow! Eeep. I hope I've lost something.
Oh I'm so pleased! I've lost 3lb in my first week, but it's not been the best first week as I've had pizza, and 2 deserts in restaurants! So I'm very happy :D


Now to maintain.....
woo hoo congrats on weigh in - thats fantastic:)
im over in north bristol near to cribbs.

if you have an aldi you can easily get too i buy frozen raspberries from there...they are 1.29 and i separate the tub into 4 or 5 bags and use one at a time to pop into yogurt. not so good for eating on their own as squishy but lovely in yogurt or with weetabix if you like that.
Ooh, lovely! I'll bear that in mind. We have an aldi/lidl in Hanham, although I cant remember which one.

Today has gone well with the exception of eating 4.5 syns over. Although it's probably more than that because I had ketchup on my breakfast.

Tomorrow I'm going to be extremely good, because on the evening I'm going to the OH's house and we're having fish and chips for tea! I'm just having chips which is 15 syns I believe! Yum yum. So tomorrow I will probably try to have something like french toast for breakfast, a cheese sandwich for dinner and snacks - fruit and muller lights. I'm hungry now. But it's bed time. Hmm.
If you have cod/haddock in batter but then remove the batter the fish is free, mushy peas are free also....but according to my book standard bag of chips is 17.5syns chick :( but hey have a flexi syns day and enjoy yourself if you have to....were all entitled to a blow out once in a while :):)

Well done on your loss this week 3lb is great!!
I was so disappointed with the chips. They came in a box with OH's burger and it was only really half a portion of chips! I was so hungry by time I'd ate them that I was still hungry after. I know it's only food but I was so upset about it that all I wanted to do was go buy more and battered sausages! However, I had an apple and that made me less hungry. I'm thinking maybe friday night I'll treat myself to some real chips from the chinese round my street.

I need to eat a bit more. Now that I'm not working, I'm finding I skip meals! It's 12:15 and I haven't even had breakfast. I must go and have something.
Ooh, not weight related, but I had a phonecall from a company who I had an interview with last friday, and they've asked me if I'd like to go and do a job shaddow next Thursday morning! 9-12! How exciting. It's for an apprenticeship in Business and Administration which is what I'd really like to do (only I'm worried no one will employ me because I have lots of tattoos - I'm keeping covered though, and this company has air con so hopefully I will have no need to take my cardigan off). I really hope I get this job, it seems perfect.

Anyway, food related, today for dinner I had a cheese sandwich and a yoghurt. Then I had a pasta n sauce. For tea I had a SW roasters, yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots and gravy. Then later I had another cheese sandwich and a packet of cheese and onion squares. My tummy seems to be settling down :) which is good news!


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Hi Fred just come across your diary i didn't want to run off without saying hey, keep going with sw and you will be back to 11 stone(can't wait to say i weigh 11 stone 5 more to go though lol) before you know it!

Good luck with your work shadowing let us know how you get on x
Thanks guys!

Today has been horrible food wise. I really think I need to go on the EE plan because I don't think I will stick at green, but EE is so hard and last time I was on it I didn't get the portions right so wasn't losing weight which was why my consultant dropped me to green and red days.

For breakfast I had a muller light and an apple. For dinner I had a ham and leek pasta n sauce. As a snack between tea I had a pack of squares and then whilst I was making my tea (cheesey bacon and onion potato skins) I started to feel sick so I forced down 2 halves and couldn't eat the rest. So then I went over the OH's and had 1 double choc chip cookie (maryland type) and some low fat chicken and herb super noodles. I'm a little hungry now, but have no idea how many syns I've eaten. Think I might go have a drink. Maybe a hot chocolate for 4.5 syns. That seems about right. Ish? I hope.
Whoopsie. This weekend hasn't been the best. Saturday, the FIL treated us to Bottleino's so I had a ham and mushroom pizza, and then me and the OH went to a party on the evening where I consumed a lot of pastry stuff, although I did try to stick to meat stuff as I was having a 'red' day. We also bypassed the chinese that we were planning to have on the way home, which was good.

Today, for breakfast I had unmeasured cornflakes, unmeasured milk, and then roast beef with normal roast potatoes, gravy, cabbage and runner beans. And for desert MIL made a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, and I'm afraid to say I had some of that. Also, I had 2 cookies and then some bacon supernoodles which I didn't realise weren't low fat, and I think they were 6 syns. And then I just got home and got myself 2 white rolls with light bertolli spread on.

Nevermind. It's weigh day tomorrow, and I'm just going to have to accept that sometimes I won't be able to eat slimming world stylee (esp when I go to the OH's house) but I need to make sure that I only let it be one day, and not to go too crazy. Onwards and upwards from here.

It's been really nice not feeling sick though, after eating some proper food. I think for some reason my brain has associated eating anything on slimming world with making me feel sick. It's been happening since Tuesday and has only really stopped after I ate the pizza yesterday. No, I'm not pregnant, we did a test yesterday. It must just be me worrying. Or maybe it's stress from not being employed? I'm not sure. I think if it happens this week again I might book an appointment with the doc. I'm not sure that it's totally in my head, I think it's linked to the depo injection I've recently started having, because at certain times I feel like my uterous is about to fall out of me. Like really bad period pains, but without the periods.

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