French Fat Swap: Tonight 8:00-8:30pm ITV1


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I meant to watch this tonight but forgot all about it :mad: does anyone know if it'll be repeated?


Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8


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Fortunately not addicted to Eastenders (!) so did watch programme.

Fascinating insight into the British diet. A bit embarrassing too, to see British mum feeding 'smiley faces', chicken nuggets and tinned spagetti to her kids for their tea. She made a few extra to nibble on because she had her tea later! How many of us have done that,eh?

French mum was noneplussed at this food. Where was the value in it?

Then, British mum took car to drop kids off at school. French mum asked why, as it was only a mile away, she didn't walk. To much hassle, no time, was the reply.

In the evening, after tea, British mum ordered take-away kebabs (delivered to door). French mum said that they generally didn't eat between meals and wouldn't eat that late in the evening.

When British mum went to stay in France (Paris), she was pleasantly surprised at the variety of fruits and veg that the French family ate, and she enjoyed too. She loved that French shopping experience of going from shop to shop, bakers, fish shop, butchers, green-grocers, and picking up local, fresh produce.

NO diet products, ready meals, 'smiley faces' anywhere!

When she arrived back home, she put into practice many of the French ways and a month later found that she had lost 1 stone 8 lbs! She did look fantastic, and her kids were happy to eat a varied, healthy menu.

She walks her kids to school too.

French eating/lifestyle habits are probably similar to ours in the past, before supermarkets gained ascendancy. I do remember shopping for my mum and going from shop to shop, walking everywhere (no car), and not eating snacks between meals, take-aways were rare, most food was cooked from scratch (and fresh), and our freezer was a tiny addition at the top of the fridge!

French lifestyle does include chocolate (the best quality), and wine (best quality) occasionally.

That seems to be the watchword - a smaller amount of quality products rather than a greater amount of cheap high fat/sugar/salt rubbish.



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I watched this programme too and found it fascinating....AmandaJayne's review is spot on! :) Also read the book French Women Don't Get Fat a couple of years ago and can quite honestly say that when I cut out snacks and eat freshly prepared foods I certainly do see and feel a challenge is momentum!

Am on a bit of a weight loss holiday at the moment and doing various experiments with my foods so will probably do a "French" day next week and see how I go and what the effects are both mentally and physically....


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I watched it too and was very envious of the French way of life.

Having said that, I also watched The Truth About Food, which was fascinating yet again, and they were talking about the benefits of grazing throughout the day.

You can't win can you:confused:


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Sorry I missed the programme:( Sounded very interesting.

I feel we have a very poor selection of fruit and vegetables here. It is improving slowly.

Love Mini xxx


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"...will probably do a "French" day next week..."

Ooh la laaa! Diva!

"...benefits of grazing throughout the day..."

What the the benefits, Karion? What do you mean 'grazing'. Is it like snacking?


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They do so many experiements on TTAF. It's fascinating.

With this test, they sent fire fighter out to put out forest fires somewhere in the states.

They had the same food, but one half had to eat it a regular intervals. The others had it at mealtimes.

Those 'grazing' felt much better and their energy levels were more consistant.

If you haven't watched the programme, you really ought it. You'd love it.

They also tested vegetarions vs meat eaters, low carb diets vs higher carb, caffeine vs decaff. Probably other things too...I forget.

Brill programme


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Oh yeah Karion,

I saw the one where they did the experiment to see whether it was better to drink just water before a meal (to fill you up) or to mix it with solids (having a soup before a meal). They found that drinking water temporarily filled you up, but having a bowl of soup was more effective because it stayed in the stomach for longer, keeping you feeling full for longer. When the 'guinea pigs' ate a meal, the ones who had had soup first ate less than those who had drunk a glass of water.

I hope they repeat this series again. I will try and watch them all.


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I meant to watch this tonight but forgot all about it :mad: does anyone know if it'll be repeated?

Hi Tracie

I am not sure it will be repeated, but I know they are going to follow the English woman 'Lynette' to check how she gets on with her new lifestyle, so I guess it could be featured on the next 'Tonight' program which I think is next Friday night

There are a few helpful links on the following URL from the ITV website

ITV News - Tonight: French Fat Swap