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Friday hour x hour


Striving for slimness
Hehe feel so cool starting this thread, hope no-one minds. Well it's 4am and I just got in from work. Was meant to be in til 6am but there was no work left for me to do so had to go. So I'm wired and wide awake. No-one on here but fun reading all the posts.

Very excited for my WI on sat as I feel like I've had a pretty good loss (hopefully) and I'm just 2lbs away from my 4 stone so am hoping to get that. Hope everyone has a good day when you's eventually wake up.

Well I'm off to bed now to watch a bit of night time tv and wind down so I can sleep. Speak to you all this afternoon when I get up xxxxx
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Hi Donna, feel free to start the day post - first one up and about and all that.

Your post was lovely, just what I needed to hear this morning - full of positivity, so thanks for that.

Really hope that you hit the magic 4 stone tomorrow - that really would be a fantastic achievement.

I've had a letter from my LLC asking us would it be okay to have group on Sunday this week due to some family circumstances so my weigh will be a day early.

Seems strange (but nice) being here at this time as I'd have normally left for work ages ago - pretty good being on this training ;)


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Katie - I know how you feel - I would normally have been in work 20 minutes ago - still sitting at home! Although will have to leave shortly to drop my OH off at the station and will then go into work - will be early for the training, but I'll just log on at work and do some surfing!!

May not be online much this weekend, my 7 year old neice wants to spend the weekend with us, so she arrives at 6 tonight, off to Colchester Zoo tomorrow, and have no idea what we'll be doing on Sunday - building snowmen probably (if the forecasters have it right - but I doubt it!!)


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Morning All,

What a lovely day it is. And I am feeling particularly happy!!! For no particular reason but I find those happy moods to be the best.

Hope you all have a fabulous day. :D

Morning, I had to drag myself out of bed this morning :( but I also have a huge list of chores to be done so I think I need a boot up the bum.

I'm going to my mums tomorrow for a few days and I've already had her questioning me on why I'm doing the diet. I can see a difficult few days but I will take my laptop and I will practice my responses in the car on the way down.

Hope everyone has a brilliant day and anyone with a WI is a loser. :eek:


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Morning all, Katie read ur post about whether I can still come online, made me giggle! Thanks.

Donna, hope ur sleeping now, catching up on ur beauty sleep.

Corey- can I come to the Zoo, lol?

Tange, thank you for sharing your great mood today in feeling happy, for some reason I am too :)

Well guys just to update you, I have my WI last night after 22 days (3 weeks and 1 day) and i only lost 7lbs in 3 weeks, so I am now down to 12st 4lbs! I am on day 3 of RTM and will be following it religiously as I still want to shed the 2 st's!

It just shows that my body cannot take anymore, my BP is very low and sugar level is low and I am just going to do this week by week and lose as much as possible and beyond and maintain once i get to goal.

Thank you guys for all your support, without ur guys help, i would be lost, so really appreacite it!

I wish my body was well enough to carry on during development, but can't put myself at any risk (PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE, IF YOUR BODY GET'S TO THE STAGE WHERE IT'S SAYING NO, THEN DON'T CONTINUE, START RTM EARLY).
Morning everyone, well its my birthday today and I am ill in bed ahhhhhhhh.

Oh well not to worry. Was ill yesterday but a bit better today think I have mild flu or a very bad cold.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Slimsea- dont make any apologies for starting RTM "early" you have done this for a hell of a long time and it will do your body good to get back into a routine with normal food. What you have achieved is fantastic and you are being entirly sensible not giving up :)
Look to how far u have come not how far u have left:)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LL have a fab day :) xxxx


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Happy birthday Lady... hope you feel better soon!!!
Slimseaa, I think you are a shining example, you've achieved so much and it is not worth putting your health at risk... you are 'behaving' how everyone should in your circumstances :)
Wishing everyone great vibes.... it's nearly the weekend!! Yippee :D;):D


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Happy Birthday Lady, I hope you are spoiled rotten, sorry to hear you are feeling poorly.

Slim, I think you are doing the right thing too. Good luck with it, I am sure you will do great just like you have done up until now.
Happy Birthday Lady!!!!

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling to good, hope you have a lovely day anyway xx :talk017:


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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good Lady - hope that you still manage to have a lovely birthday xx

Home nice and early - soooooo tired though, think my brain has had a good stretch during this training. Managed to avoid lunch again, just went and sat with people and when they asked why I wasn't having anything I just said 'my stomach' and left it at that.

As I was just getting out of the car though outside my house one of my neighbours who I haven't seen in ages came and said -' wow you've lost weight, you look great --- you've really lost loads' - I just smiled and said thanks and that I'm trying ..... feels great :)
Thank you everyone for your wishes, I have just got out of bed all sweaty, I hope I will be able to sleep tonight.:eek:

Your wishes cheered me up. But all is not lost as we are have a big family renunion tomorrow, so I will pretend my birthday is tomoz.

It has been a beautiful day here in Berkshire, the bit I have seen of it, will probably snow tomoz.

Hope everyone is doing well and being good:cool:


Striving for slimness
Happy birthday Lady!! I up and about now, mind you back to work tonight so that not so good hehe. So is everyone betting tommorow on the grand national? I just filled my slip in £1 each way on Cloudy lane, hedgehunter and Vodka Bleu, yey!! Love the National, it's the only time I ever bet


longs to be average!
S: 18st11lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st9lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.04%)
Happy Birthday Lady - hope you enjoy your weekend and hope you feel better soon.

I went into the betting shop for the first time ever today - one of my colleagues came with me to show me what to do!! How sad am I? I've put a £2 e/w bet on Vodka Bleu, Slim Pickings and Comply or Die. Shame I'll miss the race, will probably be on my back from the zoo at that point.

Anyways - good luck to all who are having a flutter!!


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Happy Birthday Lady - i hope you start feeling better soon so you can have a well deserved celebration ;)

Well its Friday - thank God.

I have felt completely overwhelmed with work recently. It has done nothing to help me with the plan cos i have not been able to actually fit in eating at all over the past week or so. My skin is turning crepey and i am simply exhausted.

But, on a lighter note its the weekend and i will rest up tomorrow and then get down to my work for Monday on Sunday morning.

I love weekends.

Slim - enjoy RTM honey. The speed i am losing weight i will be lucky to have got to RTM by my retirement age in about 26 years.:p

OK gotta go and make myself some soup....mushroom tonight i think.


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