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friends put on 1lbs????

me and my friend started trf at the same time 10 weeks ago. iv loty just over 4 stone and shes lost just over 2 and a half(i was much bigger than her so that explains the fast weight loss)BUT shes put on 1lb this week... we cant understand cus we did a 9 mile walk on saturday and have stuck 2 the diet 100% whats going on???
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Maybe she is building up mussle and still loosing fat but mussle weighs more that fat.. she will still be tonin up tho and prob feels lighter..
Maybe she is building up mussle and still loosing fat but mussle weighs more that fat.. she will still be tonin up tho and prob feels lighter..
Just checked and it doesnt weigh more lol but it weighs the same but still you could be loosing fat and gaining muscle so it is better but the weight loss on scales might not show if that makes sense... other than that I dont know why she put on lol she will prob loose double next week...


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Don't mean to be rude, but has she stuck to it 100%? Is there ever a time your not with her?!

Also, nm is right. Muscle doesnt weigh more - its like what weighs more, a tonne of bricks or a tonne of feathers? They weigh the same. Its just muscle makes you more defined etc

Could it be her totm? Did she drink alot of water before weigh in?
no shes defo stuck to it 100% shes really upset about it bless her. no not her totm 4 another 2 weeks dunno whats going on.we are both going 4 our official weigh in 2morrow so will let u know how we get on really hope shes lost or im gunna feel terrible if i have and she hasnt:(


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I can identify with that. I went on a walk yesterday that nearly put my lights out lol! Not sure of the mileage but was out 2 and half hours and it was mainly uphill.

Well this morning it appears I have gained a lb. The last thing I am going to do is let it affect me. I can't believe that it is a true gain in the sense of fat but my body's attempt to retain water. And if I have built up some muscle then that is even better because I would rather be heavier on the scales and slinkier with the tape measure :)


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Ah bless her! Tell her to stay away from sneaky weigh ins as she will get disheartened!

Hope to hear she has lost tomorrow I'm sure she will of, 9miles is fantastic and that's an achievement in it's self so if she hasn't lost What she wants to this week she should be proud tht she's making changes to her life... The weight HAS to come off on this diet so she will loose!! Xx
The most likely answer is that she's cheated.

It's more or less impossible to put on weight on such a massive calorie deficit diet like this.

Not the answer you wanted to hear I'm sure.

Plausible answers could be carrying a lot of water (around 3-4ltrs), TOM, Heavier clothes - but it would have to be a combination of all those.
If she definitely didn't cheat, I think these might be some of the reasons:
She is getting or is having her period
she had a lot of water or coffee to drink right before her weigh in
she hasn't pooed in a long time (yikes)
please please please tell your friend not to get demotivated....I can imagine doing this diet and not losing and putting on weight is awful but I bet she loses lots next weigh in. please keep us posted on her next weigh in and good luck with your diet (ur doing brilliantly)
fair play for doing a nine mile hike too! I'd be dead on the ground. Another eason I just though of could be connected with her menstrual cycle, mine is all confused since I started LT and it could be just retaining water...just tell her to drink a bit more in case its that


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Oooooooooooh .... you didnt mention it wasnt her official weigh in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't weigh yourselfs all the time. Weight fluctuates constantly ... theres the reason!
I think the easiest answer if no cheating has occured is water. If your friend used to exercise alot and stopped then started this diet and then exercised muscle will retain quite alot of water when u first start using it again. Plus there are other reasons to retain water just weigh in officially and try not to focus totally on the numbers lets face it if we all weighed what we did before we started the diet but didnt look big would we ever diet?
well she sts :S we both have a habbit of weighing ourselfs out of weigh ins(slap on the wrist) i lost 8lbs this week tho and weve both dun about the same excercise and eat exactly the same i know 100% she hasnt cheated she would tell me shes dun so well its a shame maby this is the weigh shes supposed 2 be at perhaps.


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Well done!!!! That's fantastic!!!

Gutted for ur friend she must be ao disheartened hopefully a big week next week will keep her going!!

On my home scales a change in the weather from sunny to wet can produce a difference of 1lb...
Tell your friend not to worry and not to use it as an excuse to give up. Our bodies aren't machines and our weight varies all the time

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