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Frist time with BNS - is it ripe?

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it is an incredibly hard veg to chop, i tend to peel with a potato peeler then chop (carefully)
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Thanks, I parboiled it and it's in the oven - roasting in chunks, it's gone pretty soft so hopefully it was ripe!


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I don't mind chopping it, but I can't be ar*ed with peeling it. I make sure I buy nice, healthy, unblemished looking ones, then just leave the skin on.



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I chop it in half, then put it face down on a tray and just pop it in the oven to roast. It's lovely. And saves chopping when it's raw and hard.
I don't think it was unripe, I think it was just BNS!


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You won't get them unripe in the shops. They're just a really hard veg to chop. But worth it. Mmmmm...


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I love bns but can't be bothered to peel so I either buy already chopped in a bag (but expensive) or i don't bother buying it... might try cutting it in half and roasting though, sounds nice



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You know, I really wasn't that impressed with it - I thought it tasted of tea! I just love my sweet potatoes so will probably stick with those, although OH liked the BNS better - can't win!!
I find it so much easier to peel than chopping it! I used to struggle chopping it up for years, risking losing fingers every time, then realised it was stupidly easy to peel - who would've thought with such a thick skin?!


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You don't really need to peel them. The skin, although quite brittle when raw, goes quite soft when it's cooked. If you're using it in a soup, you may see tiny flecks of skin if you don't peel it, but that's an aesthetic thing, it won't hurt you. I never peel my butternut squash. I just cut it into lumps and roast it, or chuck some lumps in with a Pasta-n-Sauce while it's cooking, etc, and eat it skin and all.
ME neither.... i never peel it. I chop it, remove the seeds and bung it straight into the oven, no parboiling, spray with frylight and leave to roast - LOVE IT!!!


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If you want to peel it, stab it with a fork and shove in the microwave for a wee minute. It softens up the skin nicely!


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Why dont you just microwave it. I put mine in microwave exactly as you buy it for around 20-25 mins depending on size then when its done it lovely and soft then you just remove seeds then. Honestly try it it's fab you can also do it with a turnip.
we eat quite alot of butternut, roasted is way of choice though makes an excellent soup. We cut it in half, remove seeds, scour with a fork, spray with frylight and add cumin, very tasty xx

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