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From 17's to 16's

I will join you when I get down that low.. in about 9 months... :(

I've searched but they don't go high enough for me.. just on the upper edge of the 25's... :(
Hello, I am at the upper end of this one, but hopefully not for much longer. Had an awful week, but back on track now. would love to be at the lower end by the end of summer.


A happy downward spiral
Im just here now!
I got down to the 16stone bracket by a 1/2lb, then went on a binge and put on 11 lbs in total! I weighed in at 17stone 10 1/2lbs on Thursday! Want to get down into the 16stone bracket but think it might be a bit of a hurdle! We can do it though!


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Yay, lots of people joining too.

I think it's nice to be able to talk with ppl around the same weights, makes it a bit easier and more motivating I reckon!

Good luck all! X


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Can I join? I am currently 17st 2lband finally got my head back into the weight loss game.
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Lilaloves, our stats are extremely similar :) xx
I currently weigh in at 16.12 but keep fluctuating up to 17 so totally supporting everyone in this thread!


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I would like to wish you all good luck. I started my journey 8 months ago in the 17's so I know how you feel. I have been overweight all my life but this plan works. You will have good weeks and bad weeks but the important thing is to just keep at it. Sometimes it feels very slow but every pound and half pound makes a difference. I have had so much support from here and now I'm not in the 17's any more. I wish you all the very best of luck.

Gail x

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I started at 17 st 2 lb and last week was 16 st 9 lb, after a 1lb gain.
I seem to be having more bad days at the moment but I think that is because I don't plan for myself very well !
Anyway good luck to us all :)

Im 17,4.5 right now. Before Xmas I was 16.10, but finally I am back on track and have just done my first 100% week. Wi tmrw, wish me luck. Dont think I'll get in the 16's but closer would be great.

Yay! :D
Hi all!
I keep bordering on the 17st mark! It's really annoying, i seem to be stuck here! I often wonder if it will go down any further!! Good Luck to all, I'm sure we can do it! x
evening!! can i join pretty pleaseee!
Im currently 17.8, started at 18.9! Like a few others had a bad couple weeks but am feeling positive now!!
GAH :(


only one word...arse.

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