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fruit and veg ?

Hi peeps, stepped off the diet train earlier this year due to some emotional issues,which seems sorted now, and having gained a shedload of weight I am ready to start shifting it again.
In the past I have tried various diets and now cant decide wether to do WW or good old calories counting as they are the 2 that in the past I've had most success with and found i could eat the food that I enjoy fairly easily within the plans.
The thing i find 'silly' for want of a better word is weighing and counting the cals in fruit and veg.
Now I know some are fairly high-like banana's for example but things like lettuce,cucumber,brocoli, how many of you really weigh and count them-would i get away with not or maybe count x amount per day as a general amount ? say 100 cals a day
Just wondered if this was cheating and what everyone else does ?
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I have just started cc and I am not going to count the calories in any veg. It will just make me not eat any! There is so little in them anyway it probably wont make a difference if you count them or not.

I have counted cals for fruit though. Just had 2 plums for 39cals, that hardly seems worth counting either eh!!!
I don't eat fruit... I know I'm a strange one!!!

When it comes to veg I don't count and measure the low stuff like spinach, lettuce, broccolli, green beans, courgette, etc etc and I make sure that the veg outweighs whatever else is on my plate.

However I do keep an eye on the veg high in natural sugar such as peas and sweetcorn. I don't count it as such but I make sure I only have a small portion mixed in with loads of the above veg.

If my weight loss slowed down I may have to start being more strict on the counting, but at the moment I'm still having steady losses each week, so this method works for me.

That's weird you ask this, as I was just wondering this morning if I was "weird" for not counting it. I have never really included it. Like others say, I count things like banana, peas, sweetcorn, potatoes - as they are all fairly high. But there is not point counting something like spinach I don't think. Eating too much spinach is hardly going to make you put on weight. It's time comsuming enough counting everything, let alone counting lettuce that is only about 5 calories lol.


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I go to a calorie counting slimming club and we are told that we don't have to count the calories in veg, but we do in fruit - hope this helps.

Good luck for whatever you decide :)
I count the calories in everything - but I am a bit ocd about things and if I didn't count everything I would feel that counting everything else is pointlees.

But if your not ocd then its absolutly fine to not count them! If you eat a lot of veg maybe just allowcate 100cal for the day but If your just have 1 or 2 portions a day it should be fine to leave it out all together
every calorie counts even if its in veggies and fruit..i personally counted everything...lost 52lbs so far..so it must be working...but if you dont want to then just do a general check on the veggie and make sure its not a horrible amount or over eat more than you know you should and you should be okay! Eat sweet potatos instead of regular potatos..will save alot of calories and carbs..And you can turn them into anything you can with regular ones. I love making baked ones cut up or fries. Give that a try! My lil one also loves them!
Personally I enjoy counting calories, especially in veg - I find it hilarious when I put something like lettuce in my salad: "Oh, yes, 70 grams, filling a lot of my bowl? That'll be 10 calories!".

Of course it's perfectly acceptable to just ballpark a lot of veggies since they are so low in calories, but you may want to do some research to check which ones are low in sugars, or maybe start out by counting calories and work out how many (on average) you use on veg each day and adjust your calorie target accordingly while treating low sugar veggies as free food.
Hi there, all the best with your journey!

I don't count vegetables other than sweetcorn and potatoes and I count all fruit. I have been calorie counting since March and love it as there is nothing I can't have and on having just Bern on holiday fir 3 weeks. I lost a stone in that time, eating out etc. If I'd have know. It was this simple I would have done it years ago. Although saying that I have never dieted before, so don't have much to compare it with.

I hope your enjoy your journey. It's really helped me having a daily diary on here as everyone is so supportive.

I don't count the calories in veg (apart from pots). I don't eat the ones that have more sugar in them anyway. When I used to go to SW, some veggies were super-slimming which meant that it took your body more calories to digest them than were actually in the veggies.

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