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Hiya everyone, I hope it’s ok for me to start a diary, I’m a long time minimins lurker who just rejoined WW last week.
I’m really struggling already and think a diary will help..

A bit about me. Well, I’m going to be 50 in a year and a half. I really want to lose weight before then.

I spent the whole of my 40’s so far being overweight, actually most of my 30’s too…can’t really remember when I was last slim. Probably 1989…:(
Like most girls, I started to put weight on when I got married…I am convinced that relationships are fattening, and the marriage wasn’t working out very well, I was really unhappy but felt stuck and couldn’t leave and just got bigger and bigger – food was my best friend.
Been divorced 4 years now and must admit, at first I thought I’d lose loads of weight when I was single. Didn’t happen, I’ve gained about another 10 pounds in that 4 years.

So, here I am. Fat and nearly fifty, single and scared, just like Bridget Jones. But older…
My biggest problems apart from my weight are that I’ve lost all my confidence, and I’m really lonely. Maybe when I lose weight I’ll get a bit more confidence, so I’ll be more outgoing again ?

Sometimes I think about finding a man..….I was married for years and years..last time I was out dating was 1985..OMG the world has changed so much and the modern dating thing scares me to death. It’s so confusing…men expect us to ring them? What?? Men send x rated texts, expect very…um… exotic sexual activities, but they still expect us to make all the moves??:eek:
I remember thinking they were only after one thing back in the early 1980’s when I was last ‘out there’…now they are even worse and I just can’t handle it. So I’ve avoided dating. Had a fling with someone I used to work with, but I ended that last year. I was starting to feel a bit used. I'm not sure I can do 'casual'.
I'm now convinced that nobody is ever going to fancy me again - I'm far too fat and middle aged, and I've kind of resigned myself to being single and living like a nun.

Long term I’d like to fall in love again but I’m not sure I ever will..can’t begin to imagine myself having all those feelings again..

There's no point in me tracking the points I've had today - I lost count by 11am. Eating for England at the moment and am dreading WI this week as I've done rubbish. Bit worried as I usually start off really well. Determined to get back on track tomorrow.

Right, well, I’d better shut up, if anyone does read this I sound really miserable! Just wanted to introduce myself!
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Hi :) :welcome2: don't worry , you'll get there... Mini's is such a great support, really keeps you going, hope we can all be of use for you :) xx


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hey you. good on you for starting diary. i started mine yesteday. i am sure its going to help.

i started ww yesterday and going to class first time tonight. we can do this together. i will give you all the support i can give, i am 44 and daughter getting married next year. i dont want to dread it . i have 4 stone to loose

take care xxx
welcome to the forums bastet, you have a year and a half but you need to start now, so draw that line and hop back on the wagon before WI.

I'm sure once you drop a little of your weight you will start to look and feel more confident. I'm only 2st down out of 6 that i want to drop in total, but i feel so much happier at 15st than at 17!

good luck with the rest of your week - hope to see you around the diaries often :) xxx


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Thanks so much for your lovely replies!
I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself today - it probably shows in my post - and it's so nice to have some support.

Blackwidow- thanks for saying how much better you are feeling now. This does help. I need to lose about 5 and a half stone, will be happy with 4 and it seems like a long journey ahead. It's good to hear your positive comment about losing the first 2 stone. Thank you.
its just about starting those little steps. it sounds like such a big goal, but its a lot easier if you break it down into small miles. Like you, i have my first 5% (since returning to class) and then after that, i may just aim for 4lbs in a month or something like that.

we have teams here if you fancy joining one? you'd be welcome in my team if you like :D we dont really compete, we just gossip but it is nice to have people in the same boat xxx


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its just about starting those little steps. it sounds like such a big goal, but its a lot easier if you break it down into small miles. Like you, i have my first 5% (since returning to class) and then after that, i may just aim for 4lbs in a month or something like that.

we have teams here if you fancy joining one? you'd be welcome in my team if you like :D we dont really compete, we just gossip but it is nice to have people in the same boat xxx
Thanks Rachael. Yes, for now I think I'll just focus on my 10% goal that my WW leader worked out for me.
I'd love to join your team, will post a message on there.


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Ok so today I'm starting properly. I wonder if anyone else joined WW and then messed up for the first 4 days? lol...Am already dreading WI this week because I really have been eating a lot.

So I've got my 3 meals planned for today, just going to point them up and write in my tracker, should have some points left for a snack or two.

After I wrote this first post on here yesterday I realised how down I've been feeling lately, so last night I gave myself a little pedi and painted my toenails a gorgeous shimmery purple colour. Really haven't been looking after myself very well lately, and that was my little way of treating myself nicer.


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Good luck! :) You can do it. You'll feel better with every pound and I really hope you find your confidence again as you deserve to be happy. Everyone is saying that 50 is the new 40.
:D Hi and welcome to the diary section
look forward to hearing how you are getting on
I'm also striving to get back in shape before my 50th in May so know where your coming from you can do this.


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I've just had a very healthy chicken salad for lunch. Measured out the dressing ( I heart Cardini's Caesar). I used full fat but will eventually move to the reduced fat one as my points get reduced. Anyway, measured it out on a tablespoon. That was an eye opening experience. Normally I just pour it from the bottle and I reckon that I used to put about 6 points worth on! So, carefully measured, 1 and a half points!

Did my weights routine earlier, the same one I did last time I lost with WW - about 7 years ago. It nearly killed me, can't believe how unfit I am.

Omnomnom and Kally - thanks for coming and sharing your support!


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Well it's been a good day, stuck well within points, hoping to claw a few back before WI because I am worried after my first few days being so bad!
Got a feeling that sugar free jelly is going to be my life saver !


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Just dropping in to say hi. There a few of us 'going to do it before we are 50' here so you are definately not the only one.

I can empathise with the lack in self confidence and not wanting to go out because of your weight. I too feel lonely and reluctant to let new people into my life, but I do make an effort every now and again. I feel much better about myself since losing the 3 stone every 7lbs off makes a huge difference to how I feel.

Well done on the shiney nails I find it does help to feel better about yourself when you look after yourself.

Try not to worry about your dodgy start, sending positive vibes for your weigh in
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Hello :) welcome to your new world of very supportive friends who know exactly how you feel.......
I yoyo actually Im the biggest yoyoer I know shamefully BUT this has now changed I love ww now its great feeling incharge of my food instead of it incharge of me.
Like vanda says 7lbs is the best targets this is what I do now and I wont use the word Diet I hate it I use life plan.
Dont worry about the first 4 days this is a journey which we take small wrong turns,you will enjoy this as its going to help you get your confidence back ;) this time last year Id just moved out my fellas house he hurt me bad I could hardly crawl out of bed each day ,looking after my 3 girls was the one thing I had,but I started ww 1st march this year and have lost 40lbs,but I now go to zumba classes have applied to be a volunteer at blind society and even appied for a new job,a year ago I didnt go anywhere except school runs where id walk head down and the supermarket.
So you can do this and you will in just a few short weeks feel fantastic,I feel you will find the confidence and a new life :)



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Ey up! Welcome to minis and the diaries section. I'm sure you'll love it here.

You're only a couple of lbs bigger than I was when I started - it's taken me a long time to get to where I am now and I've still got 10lbs to go but I feel SOOOOO much better. You will too. Confidence is something that will grow, as you lose weight you will feel better about yourself because you will be acheiving things and you will be proving to yourself that you can do it. The best confidence booster is reaching your goals - even really small '2lbs this month' goals.

Well done you for taking the steps towards making changes. And as for the man front. Don't worry about that nonsense! Not til you feel a bit better about yourself anyway. My best friend is in his 50s and he's just met a lovely woman and they're very much in love so I certainly don't think it's something beyond your reach! (BTW - I'm pretty sure he's not into x-rated texts either!) Anyway, just you focus on yourself for the time being.

HUGE good luck :)
hey hun, well done on your exercise.. dont worry about the unfit part - it becomes so much easier the more you do it. I've just started back at the gym today after 2 weeks off and i only managed 2/3 of the cardio training i usually do, and the squats and lunges killed me!

dont worry too much about WI, what comes comes but im sure itll be great :D x

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