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Hi all,

Ive lost 4st 9.5lbs so far and have a total of around 8st 7lb to lose and its really starting to get to me that ive only dropped one dress size and even im not 100% confident about dropping that one either! I know its visible as im starting to see for myself in photos but im so frustrated its unbelievable im 5ft 11 and im presuming that im so tall its coming from everywhere! But im getting fed up now i want to start to be skinny now 10 months on and im getting really peeved :(! Sorry for the rant!

What peed me off more is ive just been asda and still bought the same size top i would of bought before the diet started! And it fits nicely but with how much ive lost id think it would be hanging off me!

Fed up now! :( but im gonna perservere!

Just wish i could see the results in my dress sizes im an 18/20 still!!!!!

I want to be a nice size 12!! When is it gonna be my turn!

Sorry im just mega annoyed!

Laura x
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We had this chat in class on Thursday... one of the girls in class has done so well and lost nearly 5 stone but she said her clothes haven't really dropped in size, our C asked if she was comfortable in the size she was or if, in the nicest possible way, she was cramming herself in and had she been really true to herself realised she may have needed to have gone up a size? Our C certainly wasn't being cruel, she's been there herself, but did say a lot of people wear one size and refuse to go up into the next one and therefore when they lose they're actually losing first to fit comfortably in their current size and then losing to drop a dress size - does that make sense? Not saying that's what you've done though hun.

I know myself that with nearly 2.5 stone loss last September that I only dropped a dress size but had also lost 31 inches from all over, I'm very hippy though xx
Do not give up. You have done so well and it is brilliant that you have done it over a long period of time.

It is not what is on the label that counts but what you see in the mirror. Anyway sizes vary so much depending on who has made it. It could be that the top you bought is a very small sized 18/20 and more likely to be a 16/18.

At 5' 11" you would look super at size 14 or 16. I think a 12 would be almost skeletal.

hugs xxx
Don't give up! You have done fantastically well so far.

I really understand your frustration - we are the same height and I have lost nearly four stone but haven't dropped a size yet - although, strangely, a lot of the clothes I own are getting too big for me even though the next size down in the shops is too small. I console myself with the thought that soon each half stone is going to make a real difference.

It will happen for the both us - hopefully sooner rather than later!


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Congrats on your weight loss so far - its fantastic!!!

Try not to focus on your goal too much as I honestly believe you'll know the weight you want to be when you get to it and it might be higher than you think

I've got my wedding weight in my head but that was 15 years and 3 kids ago (including a set of twins) so that may not suit me now. No point being skinny with a haggard face iykwim?

I'm 5-10 and am in a very comfortable 14. Would like to be in this size and occasionally a 12 depending on the shop!!!!
Thanks for the replies i just needed to get it off my chest!

Eventually ill get there just want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know they dont happen overnight and i shouldnt get disheartened but i just want to see results in my dress size :( it will happen soon enough i hope!

Good luck on all your weight loss journeys!

Thanks again x


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I have lost nearly four stone but haven't dropped a size yet - although, strangely, a lot of the clothes I own are getting too big for me even though the next size down in the shops is too small.
The reason for this may be that your old clothes are not accurately sized any more.

Say your trousers are a 16.

Then you start losing weight and you wonder why you can't get into a size 14 clothes yet. After all you are a size 16 aren't you? And the next size down should be a 14 right? Wrong!

Although your trouser say size 16 they are not the same as a new shop bought size 16. They stretch with wear and washing and are likely bigger than when you bought them. They could be an 18 or even 20. And they are getting looser because you ARE losing weight and going down in inches.
you doing really well hun, dont get disheartened you have done great so fink far. just think about if you hadnt of started dieting 10 months ago and you carried on with your eating habits ou would have a lot more to lose now. the slower it comes off the longer it will stay off.


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I'm another tally and it seems to take me more weight to drop dress sizes. A girl in our group who has a BMI 3 points higher than mine is 2 dress sizes smaller. I was a comfortable 16 when I started and after just over a stone loss I am a baggy 16. When I was at my lowest weight ever with BMI of 20 I could only just fit into a size 12. Maybe because we are taller our bone structure is slightly different to support the height so we will be a bigger size but can carry it off. I'm only rambling there not sure if that's right or not.

Congrats on how well you have done so far! I am sure that even if your labels are not changing then people are noticing that your body is!
A great big, huge WELL DONE !!!!!!



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You've done so well up to now, please don't let yourself get upset by the number that some manufacturer prints inside your clothes, a number that only you see - the true test is how you feel, how those clothes hang on you, the fact they now skim and float where the bumpier bits used to make them cling!
I bet in a few months time you'll be seeing this from the other side - I only just bought that top and now its too big to wear anymore!!
Keep going, I need people like you in front of me to show me that it can be done and to give me inspiration!!!

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