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  1. HopefulGirl

    HopefulGirl Member

    Well, 3rd weigh in today and a pathetic 2lb loss. I'm just so frustrated. I've been exercising; doing all the right things and I've only lost 2?! Arghhh!
    It IS totm so probably retaining a bit of water but still.... This diet is too tough to only lose 2!
    I know, overall, I've lost 18 and a half but that's way under what I lost in 2 weeks the first time round. Come on body- Let go of the chub and give me something to smile about!
    Sorry to moan, it's just so disappointing!
    Hope everyone else is having a better week than me :-/

    Luce x
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  3. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    how much water are you drinking? and how much exercise?
  4. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    18 in 3 weigh ins is amazing.... Try not to look at it as a weekly thing, next week you could get a good loss and overall weight loss will be good!... LT only guarantee 1stone a month, I understand it must be frustrating but there's still no better diet!
    Totm can make you hold a lot of water could be carrying lbs worth of water weight so I wouldn't worry! much do u have to loose if you don't mind me asking? X
  5. HopefulGirl

    HopefulGirl Member

    Hey Natalie,
    Yeah I'm hoping that with totm behind me, I'll have better losses next Monday! Got about another 6.5 stone to lose! (Eeek!) but actually getting into a much better head space now (at last!)
    How are you doing?

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