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    Well, 3rd weigh in today and a pathetic 2lb loss. I'm just so frustrated. I've been exercising; doing all the right things and I've only lost 2?! Arghhh!
    It IS totm so probably retaining a bit of water but still.... This diet is too tough to only lose 2!
    I know, overall, I've lost 18 and a half but that's way under what I lost in 2 weeks the first time round. Come on body- Let go of the chub and give me something to smile about!
    Sorry to moan, it's just so disappointing!
    Hope everyone else is having a better week than me :-/

    Luce x
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    how much water are you drinking? and how much exercise?
  4. nataliej

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    18 in 3 weigh ins is amazing.... Try not to look at it as a weekly thing, next week you could get a good loss and overall weight loss will be good!... LT only guarantee 1stone a month, I understand it must be frustrating but there's still no better diet!
    Totm can make you hold a lot of water could be carrying lbs worth of water weight so I wouldn't worry! much do u have to loose if you don't mind me asking? X
  5. HopefulGirl

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    Hey Natalie,
    Yeah I'm hoping that with totm behind me, I'll have better losses next Monday! Got about another 6.5 stone to lose! (Eeek!) but actually getting into a much better head space now (at last!)
    How are you doing?

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