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Fudgey's Juddd Diary!


Hi guys:D

i'm going to be starting judddd tomorrow! I've been reading back a few posts but notice there aren't many active threads at the moment. Oh well, even if nobody follows this will be a good place for me to log everything.
I've done judddd previously and loved the lifestyle, it feels like it's going to be hard for me to get back into it at the moment but i'm sure once i've started it'll get easier!
my calorie allowance for DD according to the calculator is 350, ouch! but as long as i keep below 500 max i will be happy and i know i will get better with it.

hopefully update after my first day tomorrow, which will be a DD!:)
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DAY 1 - DOWN DAY (372 calories)

Hey guys!
So here are my results for my first DD (yesterday)

bfast - nothing
lunch - diet coke 2
dinner -
little bit of chicken: 120
little bit of potato: 120
sauce: 40
snack - ww lemon cake bar 79

so finished on 360!
i stayed at my boyfriends yesterday so i knew it'd be hard to not eat anything 'proper' at dinner time, hence why i saved my calories all day! and he doesn't let me have weight watcher meals on a saturday because it's the weekend!
it was pretty hard, especially in the evening as i started to feel sicky and i usually snack a lot in the evenings
i worked 9.30-3.30 though so not eating through the day was pretty easy and i just walked around town all lunch break so i wasn't around my colleagues food!

so.. today is an UP DAY! which i'm excited about! i'm supposed to have 1862 calories today but i have a feeling i may go a little over
reason being it's my parents anniversary today so we'll be going out for a nice lunch to celebrate & then this evening i'd promised to take my boyfriend out (he is working all day so can't come to lunch)(and accidental double booking of meals today haha)
and even though i'm starving right now and feel like i could eat 2 big meals today, i'm going to practice some self control and not do that ;)

if anyone is still doing judddd here let me know as it'd be great to have some people to support along the way! :D
Day 2 - UP day (1862)

so yesterday was an up day..

bfast - apple juice 50
lunch - small chicken, olive & rocket pizza 400
chocolate fondue (shared) strawberries & banana & chocolate 200
dinner - chinese buffet; rice, noodles, chicken & sweet and sour sauce ???
evening snack - donut 400

okay so this was probably the unhealthiest i could have possibly eaten! and my up days won't usually be like this at all (i hope!!)
but i'm certain i went over my calorie limit thanks to eating out twice but it was my parents anniversary so i won't get caught up on it, only do better next time!
i would have much rather eaten lots of smaller healthy meals & snacks through the day which is what i'll be doing in future

so today is a down day :)
it's my day off from work today but it shouldn't be too bad as i've got a few things to do and sort and then i'm planning on going food shopping during the lunch period!
:rolleyes: i know that sounds dangerous but it usually helps me & i LOVE food shopping
so today i'll be looking for some low calorie snacks etc to prepare for my DD's so i can eat little and more often, although i'll be sticking to having most of my calories in a healthy evening meal & snacking on carrots/fruit etc throughout the day i think!
i'll update later with how i get on today with my 2nd DD..!
today is proving to be a much harder DD than the first!
yesterday i bought my parents a box of donuts & i just want to eat all that is left right now!
my boyfriend is working until late today so i'll be staying at my parents for dinner
i guess it's harder because i'm off today so having to try and keep myself preoccupied, whereas at work i wouldn't have the opportunity to eat even if i wanted to!
my biggest problem is boredom eating.
i'm not THAT hungry right now, i don't feel like i need to eat anything but i have this urge to be doing something, and eating is my favorite habit!!
so far i've resisted and had to keep having quiet words with myself, i know if i get through today it will be okay and get easier
i've had some carrot sticks & a few grapes so far today (30 calories worth) so i'm doing well.. it's 4.40 at the moment
so i've just got to get through the next hour or so and then i can get on with making a healthy meal for this evening.. not sure if my parents had anything planned yet for their dinner though so just waiting on them until i can decide what to make.

so when i want shopping today i bought some noodles (180cal per serving) grapes, carrots, mini milk ice lollys (30cal) coke zero, ww lemon cake bars (79cal per) walkers squares, quavers & wotsits (all under 99)

so i'm hoping to have enough calories left tonight for a little 'treat' as that seems to get me through the dd's best! i've tried to plan out what i'm having tomorrow on my ud as well, so i can eat lots of little different things and enjoy food for a day :)

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