Just thought I'd say hi as it seems like a good way to start...


So yeah I've been loitering around this site for about a month now so thought it was time to sign up and say hi.

I've been a diet planner for a good, must be 10 years now, occasionally I start for a few days or plan to start next week or after Xmas or after a birthday etc. but I think at 45 it's now or never to really take this seriously.

I'm also hoping that by putting this out here (going to add a 'Weight Loss Diaries' thread too) it gives me a little more accountability if it's a bit more public.

So motivation was simple, for years I've casually been a gym goer (similar to the diet) and have always convinced myself that I have an OK physique for my age (a little stocky n soft but OK for 45) then the other day we had the kids by the pool and I saw a photo taken and realized my physique wasn't quite as OK as I had been convincing myself!

Currently at 103 kg (16 st) with body fat % of about 28%
Looking to get down to BF % of about 10% so simple math says I need to lose about 20 kg, so my target is around 80 kg (12 st 7 lb)

Not really going to join any set diet as I think this needs to be more a lifestyle change rather than a hop on hop off diet approach. My basic plan is going to be working on the philosophy that 'calories are key', also going to try to keep the carbs down to a minimum, preferably around below 50 g.

My maintenance is 2,450 k/cal, and 1 kg of fat loss is -7,000 k/cal, so going to try to work on 1,500 k/cal a day which should give me a deficit of 7,000 k/cal per week, so in theory I should be losing 1 kg (we'll see about that).

This should also make my meal plan easier to monitor as I will be looking at x3 500 k/cal meals a day, around 10:00 am, 2:00 pm & 6:00 pm.

Unfortunately it looks like the summer will be too soon, but hopefully I'll look a little better in the September pics.
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